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The Color Room.

As I scan through more and more of my old negatives from my darkroom days, I keep finding more pieces that wereĀ under appreciatedĀ at the time. When I was starting my color classes, my first project involved focusing on just one color. I chose . . . brown. Very exciting, I know.

I shot one roll (remember those?!) in the lounge of my friend Adria’s dorm. Adria was essentially one of my muses and still a great source of inspiration. I tried to call-out the brown in every shot by using bright colors and alternate lighting sources.

(Also, pretty sad that my scanner I just purchased about a month ago is already showing signs of wear from over-use. WHOOPS.)

and then, she {snapped}

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2011 in Images.

My ten favorite images I shot this year . . . no words needed.

Looks like it was the year of sky blue and sparkly lights.


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Back to the Basics . . . then Back Some More

I’ve been drawn to low-fi lenses for my DSLR lately. I took the above picture using a Diana F+ 110 mm telephoto lens. I also have a Diana F+ wide-angle + macro. These lenses are intended for 120mm Diana camera, but with a simple adapter they can work on my DSLR. Of course, as they do not contain any sensors this means they can be only be used on the manual setting. I welcome this challenge to get back to the basics!

Check out more images created using these lenses below. As usual, all images are straight out of the camera.

and then, she {snapped}

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Chicago: February 2003

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