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You Capture: Cold

Brrr. It is cold. And I am a bit of a cold weather denier, as you can clearly see by what I wore today:

Yes, those are my bare legs in one (ONE!) degree weather.

Because I am thought I was immune to cold weather, I went outside to take some pictures around the neighborhood to capture our recent snowfall and frigid skies. I did have enough common sense to change into jeans, but I left my gloves at home.


I made it a total of five minutes outside, or a walk to the end of the block and across the street, before returning inside.

I decided to play around a bit more with my Diana F+ Soft Telephoto 110mm lens I got for Christmas. I am not used to working with such a long lens so knowing where to place myself in relation to my subject was a bit of a challenge at first. Also still getting used to shooting in “adjusted manual” (as I like to call it) where I can only adjust the shutter speed and have no metering to go off of.

But, as always, I was up for the challenge.

And now a few sights from my quick, freezing walk, straight off my camera and on to the screen . . .

I love the shallow depth of field and the softness and bokeh, but still need more time to really use this lens to my advantage!

Now, to warm up . . .

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You Capture: Mornings

Here’s the thing about mornings: we just don’t seem to get along as well as we used to. I have the best intentions of getting up at that first alarm and not having to rush, but usually it’s more like the third or fourth (or fifth or sixth if I’m really being honest). It’s not a relaxing time but rather a rushed fog.

Based on that fact alone, I knew it would be hard to capture any images during the morning. Even incredibly inane, boring ones. But I decided to strap on the low-fi diana lenses and capture my mornings for the blurry bags of crap they really are.

Before the alarm(s).

It’s hard to get up.

I spend a lot of time in front of my mirror/sink.

A scramble to find something wearable in the closet.



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I have recently become somewhat addicted to¬†instagram. Not obsessed, but addicted. If I’m not posting my own images, then I am regularly refreshing to see what new images my friends have posted.

At first, I was too stubborn to use it. It took me almost a year to catch on. So many excuses: “too trendy” or “too impure.” But I’ve caught on.

For those not on instagram, here are a few shots from this past week. I thank diptic¬†for allowing collages and framing. (It’s a good use of $.99. It imports directly to instagram, twitter, facebook, and more.)

Kristynn, Erik, and I celebrating in ugly sweaters.

The game of Pit.

Games in the basement.

I must admit that I do enjoy the low-fi simplicity of the iPhone camera. It’s a fun way to be creative on a whim and a budget. Other apps that I highly recommend for photos: pudding camera (it’s FREE and has more simple features than a lot of other apps), hipstamatic, and incredibooth.

Edited to Add: So I just became aware of (and instantly signed up for) Instagrid. It’s a web album populated from your instagram account! Totally awesome.

life rearranged

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Back to the Basics . . . then Back Some More

I’ve been drawn to low-fi lenses for my DSLR lately. I took the above picture using a Diana F+ 110 mm telephoto lens. I also have a Diana F+ wide-angle + macro. These lenses are intended for 120mm Diana camera, but with a simple adapter they can work on my DSLR. Of course, as they do not contain any sensors this means they can be only be used on the manual setting. I welcome this challenge to get back to the basics!

Check out more images created using these lenses below. As usual, all images are straight out of the camera.

and then, she {snapped}

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