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It’s Baby Season.

No babies for me, but babies for everyone else.

It’s been keeping me busy.


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I hate that I am once again reminded of this.

But recent events make me think this, this much less sad thought: Maybe sometimes bad things happen to good people because God knows they have the strength to survive it and inspire others.

And at the time that is probably not what those good people want to hear, and we should let them be angry and sad and questioning.

So we need to just keep loving even when things seem like they cannot possibly get any better; keep loving when negativity grips you and those around you.


Life is Precious


Do you ever realize how lucky you are to be alive?  Not just in the general “every day is a blessing sense,” but also in the sense that your very birth was a miracle?

Events as of late have really been pushing this idea into my head.  Before, I took it for granted:  women got pregnant and had babies.  Plain and simple.

But now, there have been so many babies lost, so many scares, so many couples facing broken hearts due to reproductive difficulties.  Is making a life supposed to be so hard?

There was a time when the worries my friends had over pregnancy involved not wanting to be pregnant.  The scares involved fear a life was conceived and their lives as they knew it were over.  But now, now the worries my friends face involve whether or not they will be able to get pregnant, or whether or not the tiny life growing inside them will be healthy or even make it to see the light.

Every day, I hear more and more sad stories.  Every day, it hits me more and more how lucky I am, and how lucky you are, to have made it here in the first place.  Life is hard enough as it is, but some don’t even get to experience that hardship.

All my friends who are going through these hard times:  you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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