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Independence Day

The best ways to celebrate the fourth of July: friends, fireworks, and food.

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i don’t think i’ve ever referred to myself as a woman but i’ve stopped calling myself a kid.  i don’t always end up where i’ve set out to go but i rarely stray too far.  i stop myself from talking to myself through talking to myself.  it’s audible.  sometimes i don’t let myself edit myself, while other times i edit to the point of silence.  it’s all an exercise in self-deliberation and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  the point is not in the emphasis nor in the punctuation–it’s the story as a whole.  you can’t fill in all the blanks deliberately.  sometimes you need a misstep or two to do things for you.  and more likely than not, you need a whole series of mistakes.  you need the clear head that only those moments of self-loathing can bring you.  you need those moments where you don’t even feel bad anymore to start feeling bad.  you need to focus on nothing at all so that you can be met with total clarity.  sometimes it’s more about the path than it is about the destination (but that’s all been said before).  sometimes you have to just not.

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the least I can do is provide little pieces of my days. now more visually possible through the viewfinder of my phone. this is the new privacy; the new accessibility.

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i keep tripping

on these time capsules

i’ve left laying around.

some carelessly,

some planned.

falling i go

down a path i’ve been before

but always lose my way.


the only option is to retreat,

so retreat i do.

but as soon as my head


the pillow,

it’s all right back to the


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