Dan, at Home, November 2002


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3 thoughts on “Dan, at Home, November 2002

  1. chimes says:

    These photos are glorious.

  2. Dan says:

    TEN YEARS AGO. I don’t remember wearing my shirts like this! Must have been a one or two day phase… Weird.

    Items of note in these photos:
    * Russ’ “Enema of the State” era Blink 182 magnet.
    * I’m holding a Super Mario Bros 3 cartridge, a game that will always be close to my heart…even though I suck at it.
    * My Dexter’s Lab magnet that came out of a Pop Tarts box. This magnet is still on my fridge today, for whatever reason.
    * Completely empty wine rack. I’m sure the fridge is packed with PBR and Kamchatka Vodka. I *think* I’d left my Mike’s Hard Lemonade phase by this point.
    * Pizza Express and Avers ads on the fridge…when they were both still under ten bucks for a large pizza, bread sticks and two large sodas. I want Pizza Express every moment of my life.
    * The black sticker on the fridge was there when we moved in and (appropriately) says, “No One Gives a Damn About Your Band.”
    * I don’t know where that glass head came from…but I’m pretty sure you brought it over from your house.
    * I still have that microwave.


  3. adangross says:

    The head was not mine!

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