The Backstory


You may be wondering who I am.

Well, at the time I am writing this I am 29 years old, staring down the barrel of 30. Born and raised in Indiana, I have lived in Des Moines, Iowa, for almost eight years. You could say I have some letters behind my name, as my purpose of moving to the other side of the Mississippi was to pursue my law degree. Said degree was obtained in 2007 and since then I have worked in the judiciary, the financial industry, and insurance. Very provocative.

I interview well. I’m good on paper.

Off paper, I’m just another single girl with a blog and a camera and some free time.

What can I see on this blog?

I’m a multi-faceted person. Accordingly, this blog is all over the place. Furthermore, several years of legal writing has ingrained in my style the usage of words like “accordingly” and “furthermore” more than I should. Which is part of the reason of having a blog in the first place: to get back in touch with creativity and adventure–and be held accountable for it.

Here you will find numerous photography posts. I shoot with a Nikon D3000 and I am anxiously awaiting the day I can upgrade. Which will be in approximately . . . never. But I’ll make do with what I have and come up with new ways to push the limits of what this machine can do. I also have an iPhone and of course use it to take photos, as well as do math, tell the time, decide where to go, mow the grass, etc.

You will also find documentation of accountability. It is a blog and isn’t that what blogs are for, after all? That and #humblebrag. There are lists and rants and pleas for forgiveness. There will be successes; there will be failures.

You will find writing in the more creative vein. Usually stream of consciousness, so please forgive me for my sometimes disjointed thoughts.

You will find looks backward. Photos of the past, journal entries from the past. Childhood memories. Self obsession.

Sometimes I will talk about the present tense. I am working on this being more than “sometimes.”

Sometimes I will review movies and books or talk about cooking failures and successes.

Sometimes I may just point out something funny or interesting or informative.

But all the time I will talk about myself a lot.

Where else can I be found?

@adangross on twitter

And elsewhere on the internet–I’m not too hard to find.

Constantly Evolving.

* * *

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