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Best of 2011 Mixtape

It might have been last-minute, but I have completed my 2011 edition of the XO-LP Mixtape Exchange! Which of course meant three-quarter assing my packaging and having spent an entire weekend listening to only the mixtape . . . errr CD . . . errr whatever.

You can check the mix out on spotify here.

Last year’s mix is here. (I didn’t follow the rules last year . . . shhhhhh.)

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The Perfect Mix.

A couple weeks ago, I was fumbling for a CD in my car and decided to listen to whatever it was that was in my hand. It was an unmarked CD, which is not uncommon in the chaos that is my car. At any given time, there are at least 20 unmarked CDs in there. And usually I end up always randomly selecting the same goddamn disc.

Not this time.

Somehow, this gem had escaped me the last few years. It wasn’t that I had forgotten it, but I had certainly temporarily forgotten it. I believe I made it when on the quest to create the perfect mix CD. I remember being happy with it at the time, but this listening session 2.5 years later sealed the deal–to me, this mix is goddamn perfection. It is music.blankets.lights. music.

I recognize this is not perfection to all, but it is my perfection.

I present to you: April 2009 Mix, aka THE PERFECT MIX.

  1. Mulberry Squeezins – husband&wife
  2. Eau D’Bedroom Dancing – Le Tigre
  3. Haiti – Arcade Fire
  4. Future – Cut Copy
  5. Hard to Find – The American Analog Set
  6. Loro – Pinback
  7. Roller Queen – Jimmy Eat World
  8. When You Lie – Rob Crow
  9. Venus – Air
  10. New Holland – Early Day Miners
  11. We Have a Map of the Piano – Mum
  12. Inhaler – Hooverphonic
  13. Tres – Pinback
  14. Line of Best Fit – Death Cab for Cutie
It is important to note there is a substantial difference between a perfect mix and a mix filled with all my favorite songs. This is clearly the former. A few of these songs are on my top songs list, but the majority of them do not even come close. The perfect mix, to me, is about a collection of songs that flow together effortlessly and have a dynamic as a whole. And that, my friends, is what this collection is to me.


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Can You Help Me? The Selfish Music Project

In a little over a month, I’m going on a road trip. A 32 hour round trip. By myself. With no mp3 player built into my car.

Yes, I have the iPod device that allows me to play through my stereo. But that can get frustrating with having to change the channel as I travel further south.

So here is what I am asking:

I would like for my friends to provide me with mix CDs to keep things fresh. To add some variation without being completely at the mercy of the radio. Be exposed to some new things, sing-a-long to some old favorites, and maybe be surprised.

In a perfect world, I would get 32 mixes to ensure I always have something new to listen to.

So here’s my compromise. You send me a mix, I’ll send you a mix. Quid. Pro. Quo.

So, anyone up for it? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with the logistics of the exchange.

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The Art of the Mix CD

Awhile back, I got in the habit of making a monthly mix CD.  I would burn copies for friends and keep one for myself.  Listening to the mix–a set number of carefully selected songs–was a welcome diversion from my usual routine of flipping through my iPod on shuffle until I found the “right” song.

Mix CDs, or even short playlists, are more focused and can provide a more enjoyable listening experience than the voluminous iPod playlists that have taken over our lives.  For many, becoming a consumer/appreciator of music has turned into a matter of quality over quantity:  we try to collect as much as possible, stick it on our iPods/computers, and then listen to it bit by bit.  The cohesiveness of albums have been broken up into little pieces scattered amongst a larger collection.

I have decided to bring back my monthly mixes.  I will not be “releasing” them on a set date every month, as that is an obligation outside of work and I do not like obligations.  I will not be posting the mix as a playlist available for download/streaming, but as a physical CD.  You know, one that you can play in your car or home stereo?  And, yes, even burn onto your computer so you can add it to your iPod or what have you not.

What will these mixes consist of?  Who knows.  It depends on my mood.  It depends on what sounds right together, to me, at that moment.  In making these mixes, my goal will not be to expose one to new music or show how much better my taste in music is–quite the opposite, actually.  I just want to put songs together into a cohesive, flowing mix that you can listen to from start to finish.  I want to make soundtracks for your drive to work, or something to listen to while getting ready for work.  Or something you can just lay in bed to all day.  It will vary.

So, now I ask:  who wants in on a copy of my April mix?  I be burnin’ this weekend and can arrange drop-offs/send-offs/etc.  I can’t promise you’ll like it, but I can at least you will enjoy it.  Leave a comment on this post, or holla at me via twitter/facebook/email/phone/in personam.

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