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What I Said During the Second Half of the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship Game

There was one thing I really wanted out of this season of college of basketball, and that was for Kentucky to lose. I don’t like it when people start saying in NOVEMBER a certain team is going to win . . . and then they do. Where’s the excitement in being the favorite?! I want the upsets! I want the butterflies! I want the standouts!


(Yes, I selfishly selected One Shining Moment from 1987 because, you know, HOOSIERS.)

As I sat and watched the game while impatiently sipping my Angry Juice (aka gin & tonic), I jotted down everything I said during the second half. Kansas almost made a comeback, and emotions were all over the board. Mostly due to the Angry Juice.

Without further ado, I present to you: Things I Said during the  Second Half of the NCAA Basketball Championship Game (while sipping my angry juice):

Play like big boys.

That was nice.

Are you kidding me?!

Slow it down.


Play smart.

Come on!

Ok, we hit 30.



This is not volleyball!

I wouldn’t want to disappoint him . . . he has a lot of compassion.

*inaudible yelp*

Set it up.


Where are you?!

F’ing asshole.

I can’t wait until ONE SHINING MOMENT.

He seems wholesome.

Such a nice boy.

I think he keeps his brows like that so he is not distracted by women.

Why don’t you help each other out a little bit more?!

OH OH OH OH OH OH you’re just going to leave him f’ing alone?!

Think about what you’re doing.

Oh you’re just going to hand it to him?!

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok . . .

Thank you.


The momentum has been . . . ok.

*head nod head nod*

Yeah, that was a good, that was a good.

Keep the momentum alive!



Sometimes I don’t know what to say.

Look! They’ve scored!

*blows kiss at coach*

Oh the rim?! REALLY?T THE RIM?!?!?!?!

God they can’t miss!

That’s what’s exciting about basketball: it’s never over.

That was nice.

*mimics free throw*

Go back to high school!

Yup yup yup–more of that, more of that.

Eight minutes is an eternity.

*disbelief face*


You’re like freaking preschoolers.

This is the biggest job interview of your lives, little boys!

How about you SUCK IT, Kentucky?!

Quit saying perverted things, announcers!

That was good.



Yeah suck it!

Gross. Mouthguard.

Within nine!



Calm down.

Oh really? Don’t you remember they make every three?!


Are you scared?

You do NOT let them shoot threes . . . but thank you for getting that.

That’s interference of some sort!

Almost! That would have been amazing. Keep it up!

AHHH! You’re not invincible.


Not to those white people!

Don’t cheer too early!

Don’t cry too early!


Miracles miracles miracles miracles . . .

It’s mathematically possible.

Steal and three!

Gentle touches.

What if I cry during One Shining Moment because basketball is over?

You’re a fartface.

Hey snaggletooth . . .

Miracles can still happen! But they probably won’t.

Yeah, you just f’d up.

Ok you guys . . . let’s just be angry for a while. But then One Shining Moment will come on and everything will be okay.

(It didn’t. They muted the TVs right after regulation so I did not get to experience One Shining Moment in the heat of passion. It feels so incomplete, so so unsatisfying. But now I will lay in bed listening to the Lexington police scanner and pray to God those kids don’t hurt any horses.)

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The Fountain.

Everyone who went to IU has at least one picture like this, right?

Obviously pictures of pictures taken with my iPhone.

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. . . And We’re Back.

A little under three years ago, I wrote this post called Love and Basketball. At the time, I was hurt and disappointed. I’d felt cheated and let down and was waiting for the return of greatness.

Well, my friends, that time has come.

As I am sure you are all aware by now, last night the undefeated-yet-unranked Hoosiers defeated #1 Kentucky. At the buzzer. And Hoosier pride was restored to levels that have not been seen since 2002.

That happened and Assembly Hall went wild.

That happened and the students took the streets.

I am just freaking excited again. So glad I get to experience this feeling once again. Let’s make this a season marked by many moments like this and not a season marked by just one amazing moment.

This will be remembered for a long time.

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Love and Basketball

* * *

You’ve heard the story or knew the girl: Well-liked, beautiful, pure. Everyone looked up to her for her integrity and kindness. And then HE stepped in and smooth-talked her and RUINED her–tarnished her reputation and left her broke and damaged. And after that, it was hard for everyone else to see her the same way. She was DONE.

Well, that’s how I feel about Indiana basketball: What was once the epitome of integrity and pride was ruined by one man in less than two years.

I grew up on Indiana basketball. I went to Dakich Camp, a basketball camp ran by Assistant Coach Dan Dakich. I had a Damon Bailey jersey, and then an Alan Henderson jersey. I viewed (still do) Bob Knight as a great coach and man (although I know several disagree). He was hard on his players, but because he cared about them He wanted them to work as a team and to stay focused on school. And I respected him for that.

When it was time for me to go to college, I knew I would go to Indiana. There wasn’t a question about it (although I did toy with the idea of going to MIT or Rose-Hulman for awhile–NERD ALERT). I went, and the first day on campus I walked down to Assembly Hall and got myself a job working for IU Athletic Outfitters. Because I loved Indiana basketball.

Then, within the first week of classes controversy arose and Bob Knight was forced to leave over some prick who didn’t show him the proper respect (if you know someone has a temper, why would you set them off?! I’m not saying his reaction–if it truly went down that way–was warranted, but COME ON). The student body rioted, and I was there every step of the way. (The best was knocking over a goal post!)

After the initial devastation, the team banded together–as a TEAM–and stood behind Assistant Coach Mike Davis. Unless he was made coach, they would leave. And so Davis became coach. And I liked Davis. In his second year he lead the team to the NCAA Championship game, but then didn’t do much after that to back it up . . . so he was gone.

And in game Kelvin Sampson. The man who singlehandedly RUINED the Indiana basketball program. Within MONTHS he was incurring sanctions from the NCAA. And kept violating the rules. And he wasn’t just hurting himself: he was dragging the team down with him. All in less than two years. And–thank God–the University (led by one of my good friend’s dad, President McRobbie) told Sampson to take a hike midseason, leaving Dakich (MY former coach!) in charge.

But the taint cannot be erased. The school is on a three year probation. Before Sampson, there were NO violations, let alone probation. And now it’s hard to look at the program the same. Sampson is gone, but his “touch” isn’t.

I haven’t watched a game all year. And it’s not on purpose. My heart is just not in it. And it’s not fair that I’m taking it out on the current team, when it was Sampson who broke my heart and ruined something that was important to me. Over time I may get over the pain and begin to look at the team with the same light, but for now . . . I’m hurt.

On the bright side, here are some fun pictures/memories of the times that were good:

When I worked for IU Athletic Outfitters/Varsity Shop, one of the big perks was getting paid to watch the games. I took this during one game.

I took this one at the Bob Knight “goodbye speech.” I ditched everyone I was with (sorry Erin!) and squeezed my way up to the very front. I had one picture where you can see a tear falling from his eye, but that is too special for me to post. ;)

And here is one tasty morsel from one of the 2002 March Madness riots. That “branch” was a tree that was uprooted from Showalter Fountain, then carried down to Kirkwood Avenue. People had ripped off branches and ignited them–like something out of Lord of the Flies.

* * *
So, yes, I’m hurt and my pride has been burned. But the past can’t be taken away and hopefully we will build a strong enough future to make those two, terrible years more of an afterthought.
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