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2003: Year of Self Portraits

Looking through my old scanned negatives, looks like 2003 was a big year for me in the field of self portraits . . .

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High School is Awkward

All the “Merit” kids who were at the top 10% banquet senior year and some of our teachers (aka NERDS)

Last day of school EVER!

My graduation announcement.

Senior Night for Gymnastics

At some cross country meet.


Soccer boys + me, last day of senior year.

Junior Prom (LOL . . . or LOWELL)

Utter classiness on the last day.

Post-senior summer. Typical.

Me and the geeks. Physics or Calculus.

I was the baby and all my friends graduated two years before me. Wah.

I HAD NO WAIST . . . and yet was called fat.

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Five Years Ago . . .

. . . I was getting ready to graduate law school and taking photo booth pictures like these:

And smoking. In a bar. While drinking angry juice. Whoops.

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