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I have recently become somewhat addicted to instagram. Not obsessed, but addicted. If I’m not posting my own images, then I am regularly refreshing to see what new images my friends have posted.

At first, I was too stubborn to use it. It took me almost a year to catch on. So many excuses: “too trendy” or “too impure.” But I’ve caught on.

For those not on instagram, here are a few shots from this past week. I thank diptic for allowing collages and framing. (It’s a good use of $.99. It imports directly to instagram, twitter, facebook, and more.)

Kristynn, Erik, and I celebrating in ugly sweaters.

The game of Pit.

Games in the basement.

I must admit that I do enjoy the low-fi simplicity of the iPhone camera. It’s a fun way to be creative on a whim and a budget. Other apps that I highly recommend for photos: pudding camera (it’s FREE and has more simple features than a lot of other apps), hipstamatic, and incredibooth.

Edited to Add: So I just became aware of (and instantly signed up for) Instagrid. It’s a web album populated from your instagram account! Totally awesome.

life rearranged

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You Capture: Festive

Brought to you by Christmas.

(just under the radar.)

(a festive pile of holiday takeaways)


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Edible Houses.

Tonight was gingerbread house night at Jen’s. My fingers are still sticky with frosting and my sides still ache from laughing at the things kids say (e.g., “your face!” “That’s what your mom said.”)

We went pre-fab for this adventure, and before too long we erected our walls with only a few zoning violations.

As City Planner, I did make a few crucial mistakes in placement that were readily corrected after heated city council meetings.

At this point, it was time for the design team to step in and spruce the place up (including, of course, spruces on a roof.)

The crew made (and ate) a few final touches  before growing bored/content with the progress and called it done.

I’m placing bets on how long our little village (“The Bronx”) lasts. Any guesses?

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