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Kick It!

Today I realized I was more of a Beastie Boys fan than I realized.

Wait. Let me take that back.

Fifteen minutes ago, I realized I was more of a Beastie Boys fan than I realized.

Earlier this afternoon, I found out via twitter and Facebook (like many of us) that Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys passed away today from cancer. And I acknowledged this was sad, but went on with my day. He had lived a great, meaningful life and while it is always sad when someone goes before their time, it was just another celebrity passing.

But then as I was driving home from work, something strange happened. “Brass Monkey” came on the radio and I felt a tear fall from my eyes. And then another. And soon they were consistently streaming. And then came that feeling in the back of my throat and the pit of my stomach where I felt a full-on BAWLING coming on.

This shocked the hell out of me.

I hate crying. Well, I like crying about stuff that doesn’t matter (like last night while watching a particularly sad episode of One Tree Hill). But I try to man up and handle the “real stuff.” You see, that’s what happens when you become known as the kid who cries a lot when in school: you either cry some more or you suck it up. I chose to suck it up.

But what did this mean for me? Well, you see, the Beastie Boys have been a constant for me at every stage of my life. Being born in 1982, I’ve been along for pretty much the entire ride. As a small child, my Dad used to sing (well, scream) “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)” at me. We didn’t have cable, but we would go to my parents’ friends’ houses to watch MTV and Beastie Boys videos. We sang the songs on the playground in elementary school. In middle school Ill Communication came out and I’d spent summer days at my grandparents’ (still no cable) waiting to see the “Sabotage” video and thinking it was the coolest thing ever (it still pretty much is). I remember finally purchasing my own copy of License to Ill in high school and having it in constant rotation in my car. I remember my friend Mok pretty much BEING the Beastie Boys, at least in my head. And “Intergalactic” . . . !!! It was EVERYWHERE. Then college came and while there weren’t as many new songs taking over my life, an even greater appreciation for their work was developed. And in law school there was the party where Blake, Kevin, and Ian came dressed as the “Sabotage” video, complete with briefcases.

You can’t deny the influence and the presence.

While always a fan but never a SUPERFAN or an OMG I HAVE THEIR ENTIRE CATALOG OMG OMG person, the loss of MCA and the loss of the Beastie Boys as I knew them does create a void in my life, like it or not.


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Crappy iPhone Snapshots of Old Family Pictures

Perhaps this will be one of my latest creative endeavors . . .

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Boring Notifications of Adulthood

I admit it:  I’ve been fighting adulthood every step of the way.

I think a big part of this is that not only am I the oldest of my siblings, but I’m also the oldest cousin on both sides (granted, the one side has no cousins).  I’ve had no “big sister/brother/cousin” to look up to for indicators of when to grow up.  It’s all up to me. 

The cousins I do have are all quite younger than me, the oldest being 19 (or maybe 20).  My sisters are 18 and 24.  Where do I fit in?  Sometimes I’m seated at the kids’ table.  Other times, I’m right there elbow-to-elbow with the “adults.”  Do I crack open a beer, or do I sneak it around?  I seem to have a harder time drinking in front of the “adults” than my younger siblings and cousins do!

However, I have noticed some signs that I am slowly but surely slipping towards adulthood.  No, the fact that I live on my own, own my own car (so my grandparents had to cosign for it, whatever!), and pay my own car insurance are not what I speak of.

No, instead I am speaking of things like the fact I have consistently used the same perfume for two years with no thoughts of switching.  I’ve found my favorite fabric softener.  I have a preferred brand of deodorant (although I have switched the scents up a bit). 

I am becoming a creature of habit in the arena of scent.  When I think of my sets of grandparents, I immediately connect them with the scents of their homes.  Am I establishing my trademark scent?  Does this make me “old”?

What I do know is that I am going to continue fighting this good fight against being “old.”  I can age all I want to, but I will not become old before my time!  I will continue mixing up my deodorant scent!  I won’t hang wooden ducks in flight on my walls!  I won’t buy an RV!  I won’t wag my finger at anyone!  I won’t plan trips to Florida!

There . . . I think I’m done convincing myself.

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Redneck Grandparents

I found this picture today and immediately sent it to my grandma.  Please note the SHOTGUN behind me.

photo4Along with the picture, I sent this message:  “What is WRONG in this picture?!  SHAME ON YOU!!!

To that, I received this reply:  “Don’t all redneck grandparents have the need to guard their grandkids handy??? At least it was in a ‘bag’. Where was this?   in Mike’s room in Windsor Woods?   You sure were adorable.   Guess you have liked to work with words etc. forever.    Thanks for the nice memory…..   Nano and Doc-a-doc

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