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2003: Year of Self Portraits

Looking through my old scanned negatives, looks like 2003 was a big year for me in the field of self portraits . . .

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High School is Awkward

All the “Merit” kids who were at the top 10% banquet senior year and some of our teachers (aka NERDS)

Last day of school EVER!

My graduation announcement.

Senior Night for Gymnastics

At some cross country meet.


Soccer boys + me, last day of senior year.

Junior Prom (LOL . . . or LOWELL)

Utter classiness on the last day.

Post-senior summer. Typical.

Me and the geeks. Physics or Calculus.

I was the baby and all my friends graduated two years before me. Wah.

I HAD NO WAIST . . . and yet was called fat.

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The Greenhouse

When I started photography in college, our first class “field trip” in just about every photo class was to the greenhouse on campus. During the first week of class each semester, the plants and the heat (yes, even in the winter!) would be invaded by mobs of CKWCs (college kids with cameras). Let’s go back.

(Can you tell which pictures I took during my first semester as opposed to my second? Ha.)

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