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Reservoir Days

Prints from slides are expensive. At one point in my life I knew this and chose against having prints made from the rolls of slide film I shot during the first two weeks of my color photo class in college. Slides do not fit through my scanner, however, which put me in the situation where I would either just have these slides forever or have to pay to turn them into prints or digital copies. And then I once more forgot slides were expensive until I went to pick them up (however not as expensive as dry cleaning–I’d recommend not doing a year’s worth at once).

$56 later I had in hand prints from three archival book sheets of slides I deemed worthy of printing out. Yuck.

Thank God I did not print them all.

Sadly, these look so much better as slides. And the wearing of my scanner (I guess my usage is heavier than most) doesn’t do much for them either . . .

I shot these in college during a bright, early September day down by the reservoir and the woods surrounding it. It was one of the first times I met Andrew and the first time doing a photo project with Adria living in the same town. I remember how my photo instructor had just “lectured” on the golden hour the week before and it was the first time I experienced that time with that knowledge.

* * *

I recently had an “A ha!” moment when it comes to my backlog/archive of photos (aka my photo hoarding). Starting today, Fridays will be my “post old photos and hopefully do so in a coherent manner” day. You’re welcome (for not overindulging myself and posting some every day).

Flashback Friday

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The Color Room.

As I scan through more and more of my old negatives from my darkroom days, I keep finding more pieces that were under appreciated at the time. When I was starting my color classes, my first project involved focusing on just one color. I chose . . . brown. Very exciting, I know.

I shot one roll (remember those?!) in the lounge of my friend Adria’s dorm. Adria was essentially one of my muses and still a great source of inspiration. I tried to call-out the brown in every shot by using bright colors and alternate lighting sources.

(Also, pretty sad that my scanner I just purchased about a month ago is already showing signs of wear from over-use. WHOOPS.)

and then, she {snapped}

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Beverly Shores – November 2002

Adventure has always been a key driver in my life (if you exclude my fear of getting in trouble and trespassing that still guides a strong part of my moral compass). One such adventure took place several years ago (as you can already see in the oh-so-clever title) when I visited my friend Adria in her hometown of Beverly Shores, Indiana. We explored a bit and went into doors that were opened for us. We avoided quicksand and escaped ghosts of forgotten pasts.

These photos are yet more of the hundreds I have recovered via scanning my old negatives from my photo classes. Enjoy.

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Chicago: February 2003

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