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Winter of the Quilt

Winter has not yet begun, but I am thinking winter.

This winter, I am going to make a quilt.

I have gathered my materials.

I have laid out the fabric.

I have made the initial cuts.

And am excited to see the results. In fact, I have somewhat been “rationing” out the work. One third of the fabric (two different colors/patterns) has now been cut into triangles. I will gradually cut the others. And then I will get my sewing table and I will start to piece them together.

(I don’t care that I don’t care about being super precise. There will be character. CHARACTER!)

This weekend, I am too busy with the photo business to make any progress, but that’s okay. I’m in no hurry.




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Big Things Poppin’

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a bit quiet here lately. Sorry about that, but I’ve been elsewhere . . .

It’s been hinted at before, but now it’s official: I have started my own photo business!

You can find more information about the business over at Just ADG and Facebook.

I will still post here with personal content, but most photo-related content will be found on my blog at Just ADG.

To celebrate the launch, I am offering 50% off of kid/baby/family, engagement, and senior picture sessions booked in the next two weeks! Please note you only need to book in the next two weeks–your appointment can fall after that time period!

I will also be offering $25 mini-shoot to anyone who refers new business to me!

To book, you can email me at, call (515) 661-4176, send me a Facebook message, or even just leave a comment on this post and I’ll get in contact with you!

Looking forward to this crazy adventure. :)

More photos from this weekend’s session are found here.


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Why so Quiet, Adrienne?

The ebb and the flow of life has resulted in a period of silence on this here blog. No big deal.

But why so quiet? Well, life.

For one, I’ve been working on something big . . . .  I hope to announce by the end of the month but I want to get it as close to right as I can before I do so. I don’t think it’s too hard to guess what it is if you know.

There have also been events. Weekends where I’ve spent more time on the go than at home. Arts festivals, music festivals, bounce houses. I’ve been living.

Then there’s the bad. Something bad happened in/to my home this past week that has left me very uneasy and between places. I haven’t been able to get into that comfortable place where I can just sit back and type. Although here I am laying in bed watching Roseanne and writing this out so that must mean progress . . .

Enough about me, what about YOU?!

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I have a confession to make: I have not been myself lately.

In fact, sometimes I have even likened myself to a monster.

Over a month with allergy eyes will do that to you. Suddenly, you start to not want to be in pictures and become convinced others don’t want you in theirs thanks to your red eyes. And then you put more thoughts in your head–you’re not desirable, you’re a reject, you’re never going to get better. And on and on.

And for the most part, it stays in your head. But then there comes a point where it reaches the surface and you start acting as ugly as you feel. And there’s nothing more alienating than that.

But I’m not a monster. And I need to tell myself that. And I need to start believing it again.

I’m working on it, I promise.

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The Things We Do Not Capture

In first grade, I spent several weeks in a wheelchair.

But you would never know that, as not a single picture exists of me sitting in that chair. In fact, you’d be pressed to even find a picture of me in the cast I had at that time. Yet I still have the cast itself (hidden in a closet), the only real proof.

There were so many pics of my childhood. Yet there were these little pockets of time completely erased by purposeful avoidance. I asked my mom why and she said she just didn’t want to remember that time. But it happened.

Just like there are no pictures of me with a swollen face after having my wisdom teeth taken out. Or from after my surgery a few years ago; no images of me in a hospital bed hooked up to wires. No pictures of when I accidentally sliced my hand open with a swiss army knife, or from when I rear ended someone in high school.

Sure, due to my sick and twisted mind there do exist now pictures of my broken toes and bruised feet and swollen eyes and bad haircuts (fragments free of context), but for the most part we edit the stories of our lives by omission. We don’t think to pick up our cameras and snap as we and those we love are in pain, and frankly we often do not want to.

But it’s often these things we do not capture, those cracks between the concrete memories we can turn back to, that are the grit in building our character. Try as we can to conceal them, we can’t erase the fact they did happen. At least not yet anyway.

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