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It’s Baby Season.

No babies for me, but babies for everyone else.

It’s been keeping me busy.


For more baby goodness, check out my other blog.

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Winter of the Quilt

Winter has not yet begun, but I am thinking winter.

This winter, I am going to make a quilt.

I have gathered my materials.

I have laid out the fabric.

I have made the initial cuts.

And am excited to see the results. In fact, I have somewhat been “rationing” out the work. One third of the fabric (two different colors/patterns) has now been cut into triangles. I will gradually cut the others. And then I will get my sewing table and I will start to piece them together.

(I don’t care that I don’t care about being super precise. There will be character. CHARACTER!)

This weekend, I am too busy with the photo business to make any progress, but that’s okay. I’m in no hurry.




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I’ve Been Interviewed!

You can check it out on the Khenri Interview Series here.

In the meantime, I’ve been quite busy over at Just ADG. Babies, families, senior pictures, models . . . been doing it all!

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This weekend I escaped walls and running water and pretentiousness and went to Camp Euforia with my friend Laurie to cover the event for her blog, DSMVibe.

Maybe I will go into more detail later, or at the least link back to another blog post, but all I can say for now is, although not my scene, it was such a welcome change of pace. I needed open air, tents, kind strangers, dancing, and hula hoops more than I thought I did.

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