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Winter of the Quilt

Winter has not yet begun, but I am thinking winter.

This winter, I am going to make a quilt.

I have gathered my materials.

I have laid out the fabric.

I have made the initial cuts.

And am excited to see the results. In fact, I have somewhat been “rationing” out the work. One third of the fabric (two different colors/patterns) has now been cut into triangles. I will gradually cut the others. And then I will get my sewing table and I will start to piece them together.

(I don’t care that I don’t care about being super precise. There will be character. CHARACTER!)

This weekend, I am too busy with the photo business to make any progress, but that’s okay. I’m in no hurry.




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Chicago: February 2003

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I don’t mind the cold, as long as I know I have the ability to warm myself up when need be.

But as soon as you throw precipitation into the mix, all bets are off. I hate driving in the snow, or even slush, worse than anything else in the world. So much so I have reached the point where even hearing snow–no matter the intensity–is in the forecast, I clinch up in anxiety and try to think of things to do around the house so I don’t have to drive.

And I hate hate HATE being stuck at home.

It’s not that I think I will DIE if I drive in the snow. I just hate losing control.

It takes a few minutes to regain my composure after my first, second, one-hundredth slide of the season. Even if the slide occurs in my driveway, I freak.

I drive a small car, and my fear of snow driving grew rapidly after the first winter of driving in a small car. My old cars were American-made beasts that tore through snow and rarely slid. My new car? A Honda Civic coupe that is AWESOME during all other times of the year, but slides even in rain–with good, new tires.

I have a social engagement tonight and an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and, naturally, I just checked weather.com to see if it was going to snow. It is. And there is even a winter snow advisory starting tomorrow evening. GREAT.

I know it is normal to be a bit fearful of driving in the snow, but I feel like my fear is a bit on the overboard, irrational side. My goal this winter is TO GET OVER IT, but be smart about it. I won’t drive 25 miles in the middle of a blizzard on a snow-covered highway to go to a superbowl party this year, but I will drive if it is visible and the roads have been plowed.

* * *

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when I ENJOYED the snow and looked forward to it.

It was always exciting to be able to get out in my snowsuit and make the first snowman of the season–usually using a trucker cap for his hat.

The higher the drifts, the better. You knew it was winter when the first person got stuck in a drift in front of our house and my dad had to go out and dig them out. Those were the days.

And playing in the drifts! That was the BEST! They would get high enough that I could actually WALK ON THE ROOF of the old barn behind my house. Or dig holes into the side of them to make “forts” and “caves.”

I never had the sense of urgency I have now to get out of the house. Everything I needed was at home, and I didn’t yet understand the challenge driving in the stuff was to my mom and dad.

I was content being isolated in my little frozen winter wonderland, but now . . . now it just makes me feel imprisoned.

Maybe someday I will reach a point in my life again where I thrive on inches and inches of white snow, but for now . . . for now I think I’ll just stay inside and wait for it all to melt. And maybe invest in a pair of snow tires.

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