The Business Plan

A fact you may or may not know about me: I was kind of a business school kid. I say “kind of” because I did not get my degree from the B-School, yet I spent a great deal of time there. I was lucky enough to have earned my way into the Liberal Arts & Management Program (LAMP) at Indiana. Essentially, the program allows you to earn a certificate in business management without selling your soul to the B-School. I always loved business, but not enough to get a business degree. Plus, I hated suits and networking and douchebaggery¬†(oh wait, I still do).

So, yes. I love business and I have a business infused degree. And in law school my favorite courses were Business Associations and Income Tax. Yet I sit here today on the verge of forming an actual business and I feel like I know nothing at all.

That’s right–it’s business time. While I have some ideas and a document entitled “Business Plan 2012,” I do not yet have a business.

But where do I start?! Where do I prioritize?! If it’s just a part-time business, how much time do I put in?! How much am I worth?! Who should make my website?! My logo?! WHAT should I call myself?! Do I really need to report the income?! (UGHH)

Some things I am comfortable with (forming an LLC–but wait! Maybe I want an LLP. Or an LLLLLLLP. But not a P. No, no P.) but there are just so many THINGS!

A kick in the head: it’s time to take myself seriously.

While there are numerous resources available to me online, and I’ve been reading them all, I want to ask you: how did you get started? What are the best tips for a beginner? Who did you involve and at what stage (CPA, designer, etc.). What questions should I be asking?

I’ll get through this, I know I will. After all, I have to prove that career aptitude I took back in college right (#1 ENTREPRENEUR BABY).


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