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Ghosts and the Union

I’ve always been obsessed with ghost stories. I still get excited at the prospect of hearing a new one, and if it’s someone’s personal┬ástory it is guaranteed I will be listening to every word.

There were always rumors the Memorial Union at Indiana University was haunted. Classmates would tell of a little boy, somewhat transparent, showing up in their pictures. Or weird noises. Or mysterious pathways (some of which I explored myself).

I never caught a real ghost on film. But that didn’t mean I didn’t try. And when I still caught no ghosts, I made┬áthem. Ahhh the early days of photography and double exposures/slow shutter speeds.

This was the stairway where the ghost of the boy was said to appear. Not for me.

* * *

Fridays are my “post old photos and hopefully do so in a coherent manner” day. You’re welcome (for not overindulging myself and posting some every day).

Flashback Friday

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