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Independence Day

The best ways to celebrate the fourth of July: friends, fireworks, and food.

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Why so Quiet, Adrienne?

The ebb and the flow of life has resulted in a period of silence on this here blog. No big deal.

But why so quiet? Well, life.

For one, I’ve been working on something big . . . .  I hope to announce by the end of the month but I want to get it as close to right as I can before I do so. I don’t think it’s too hard to guess what it is if you know.

There have also been events. Weekends where I’ve spent more time on the go than at home. Arts festivals, music festivals, bounce houses. I’ve been living.

Then there’s the bad. Something bad happened in/to my home this past week that has left me very uneasy and between places. I haven’t been able to get into that comfortable place where I can just sit back and type. Although here I am laying in bed watching Roseanne and writing this out so that must mean progress . . .

Enough about me, what about YOU?!

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2003: Year of Self Portraits

Looking through my old scanned negatives, looks like 2003 was a big year for me in the field of self portraits . . .

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Revisitation: The Emo Song

Originally published October 24th, 2011.

i am bored and feel like wasting time so i feel like posting the “song” i wrote while at work last week. ha ha. i was kinda hyper when i did this.

sick of double standards
but those walls are
only temporary.
one day we will be on the same side.
and you speak to me
as if i don’t belong,
and look at me like
your mistake.
why can’t our hands just match for once?

just let me ask you this one question:
(why can’t girls be emo?
cause we try,
and you just say we’re bitching) x2

just let me ask you this one question:
(why can’t girls be emo?
and please stop
using our vocals to back your up)x2

la la la la la la
you always act so trite…
one of these days
they’re gonna realize
your weakness is a facade.
and that facade
is gently crumbling
and you’re just another
whiny little boy.
[chorus 1]
just let me ask you this one question:
(why can’t girls be emo?
we can say
wa-ohhhhhh just as well) x2

…we can say wa-ohhhhhhhh just as well.

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