The Fake Surf Shack

Once upon a time, there was a bar called the Surf Shack. It was a glorious place, filled with toothless men and frizzy haired middle-aged women in tube tops and bros and bachelorettes and sketchy bartenders.

Many good times were had at the Surf Shack. Mainly times involving shameless dancing and people watching. Sometimes even dancing on tables or doing body shots off of gross bouncers.

But sadly, like all good things, the Surf Shack’s reign had to end.

And in its place went Fake Surf Shack (or P-Quad as some have taken to call it).

Like all odd places, we decided to put it to use by doing odd things in it.

Like having our own Drink & Draw when their ridiculous drink special prove to tempting to leave.

And made paper crowns.

And practiced jump shots.

And punched things (photo from Laura).

The lesson of this story? There is none, really. Just that the more things change, the more they stay the same. And it’s fun to make your own fun.

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