Revisitation: The Senior Picture

Originally posted February 25, 2004.

The controversial pictures.

So. All through this year my mom had been harassing me to get my “senior pictures” taken for the yearbook. blah blah blah…personally, I kept telling her it was lame and that it wasn’t like high school…

Anyways, I finally gave in and got them done. This required me taking out my nose ring so that she would still contribute to my fundings.

Apparently, she got a copy of the pictures today….

Lorinell (4:43:06 PM): u look like a singer form an 80’s bristish band
adgBOOTIE64 (4:43:09 PM): HA HA HA
Lorinell (4:43:28 PM): it’s really not funny…thank god u don’t hjave to put them on a resume
Lorinell (4:43:39 PM): ur face is pretty…what u can see of it

So…what exactly does it mean to look like a singer from an 80’s british band? To me, that sounds like a compliment….ha ha ha.

She goes on to say that my hair was in my face and my collar was all twisted.

Lorinell (5:42:57 PM): ur dad says flock of seagulls
adgBOOTIE64 (5:43:08 PM): WHAT?!?!
Lorinell (5:43:23 PM): that’s what u look like….80s rock group
Lorinell (6:11:49 PM): i told u before4 ur face was pretty…i just don’t like teh hair in the eye
adgBOOTIE64 (6:12:25 PM): well my bangs are growing out and i am NOT going to clip them up because i don’t go line dancing
Lorinell (6:12:57 PM): whatever…
adgBOOTIE64 (6:13:31 PM): love me the way i am!
Lorinell (6:13:32 PM): what now?
adgBOOTIE64 (6:13:36 PM): heh heh
Lorinell (6:13:44 PM): i do love u when i can see ur pretty eyes
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One thought on “Revisitation: The Senior Picture

  1. khenri says:

    i believe this is my favorite post of yours to date. well done!

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