The Archivist

I have a bit of a problem.

I’m addicted to preserving memories.

Mostly in photo and video form, but with periods of time of heavy written documentation mixed throughout.

Take this blog. And take my live journal, which was kept up for nearly 8 years. And my notebooks filled with sloppy handwritten accounts and tales.

But those pale in comparison to the sheer volume of photographic evidence I have of my past twelve years.

In this corner of my room, I have twenty-six photo albums documenting my life from August 2000 through July 2007. All in chronological order, many with captions, in albums marked with the date range. On the right side there they are stacked two deep. And those are only the prints . . . anything that was digital is all on my laptop and countless back-up copies. The scanner is my friend here, but frankly the weather is too nice to spend scanning for hours a night these days.

Then there are the videos . . .

I went through a pretty serious “videographer” phase where I would always be seen with my camera from December 2000 through December 2003. Unfortunately, these videos can only be viewed from the camera when plugged into my TV and the camera is slowly meeting its death. Therefore, one by one I have been having them converted into DVD. Three down, thirteen to go. I must say I have been very pleased with the conversion services offered by Walgreens. $25 for 50 feet of video and you get them back in about two to three weeks. But I will take suggestions of other vendors for this service.

But my true ridiculousness lies within my digital photo organization . . . by year, by month, by event. It makes it so easy to find just about any photo I’m looking for. And then there is the prettiness that is iPhoto . . . dear God. It allows me to take this obsession to the next level . . . faces, places, events. Holy crap.

I need to travel more.

And this is great and all, it really is. But sometimes I will become so engrossed in the archiving of these past events that I’m not living in the present. And how can I have things to archive in the future if I’m not living in today?! Ahhh the archivist’s dilemma.

There’s hope for me yet, and I’m planning on you doing all the work for me, MacBook. Deal?

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