Subverting Over G&T

I’ve really been taking advantage of my Des Moines Art Center membership this year. Monday night was spent at a “Creative Cocktails” event with artist Tony Feher. As he poured us nearly perfect gin and tonics (which I successfully drank without becoming angry), he told us about how he got his start as an artist and a bit about his vision–subversion and found objects and not repurposing and not conversion. As others present took notes and documented the lessons, I will leave those tales for those individuals to tell (like Rachel and Laura) and I will stick with what I know best: documentation of the event itself.

I love events like these where you actually engage in a CONVERSATION with someone rather than be lectured at. You get to take away a personal experience rather than just a pamphlet and some jotted down notes.

Tony’s exhibit–a twenty year survey of his work–opens at the Art Center on Friday, May 11th, with an exhibition preview party Thursday at 5:00.

Oh, and I made fire:

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