Dirty Thirty

I am thirty now.

To celebrate, I did the following:

1) A lunch with the law school girls that included a BABY.

2) Played with someone who turned three TODAY on the birthday of someone who turned 31.

3) A night spent in Ankeny and West Des Moines but ultimately ending in a trip to Carl’s and blasts from the past.

4) Spent all day playing whiffle ball. Adjacent to a 5K FOR DOGS.

5) Slept off an awful sunburn for 4 hours.

6) FONDUE! (Photo courtesy of Janelle)

7) Ringing in thirty at Carl’s with dear friends, Bieber, sharpies, and UFOs. Reach out and touch face.

8) A Mexican Brunchiesta surrounded by the greatest friends in the world. Thanks Chelsea and Laura.

9) Delicious, delicious Orange Leaf  with Sarah and Holly.

10) A relaxing evening with Sara and Fawn, where I found I can make Sara prepare me just about any meal if I ask for it–including ICE CREAM CAKE ON THE SPOT.

All in all, thirty wasn’t too bad and I guess I’m not really dreading being 30. Or 31. Or 32. Or . . .

(I did exclude all the One Tree Hill I watched. It was an embarrassingly large number of episodes.)

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Thirty

  1. jamierboyle says:

    Happy Birthday! Being 30 isn’t so bad, so far…

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