Baby’s First Relays

Fact: I have lived in Des Moines for almost eight years now.

Fact: Three of those years were spent as a student at Drake University.

Fact: Drake Relays, and the parties throughout the weekend, are huge for Drake students.

Fact: I have never gone to Relays or any associated Relays events since I’ve moved to Des Moines.*

*My first visit to Des Moines was for a Relays recruiting event, but the actual Relays were not enjoyed.

It’s not like I haven’t tried. When I was in school, the Relays coincided with the first weekend of finals. And, yes, there were finals ON the weekends. While I wasn’t a total fun hating nerd–I went out a LOT during finals–the thought of crowded beer tents and sitting in the rain (it always rains) did not sound ideal with my finals induced homicidal tendencies. Then I was out of school. And it would rain, and rain, and rain. Again–I didn’t want to spend an entire weekend in the rain when I could stay home and watch Rock of Love. And then I started working on weekends and that just wouldn’t work out.

But this year I made it work.

I decided to do it in real college student fashion and take a couple of shots before heading over the day. Hank did not approve.

Once we got near campus, Jenni and I stopped in at one of the Drake bar’s, the West End Lounge, for a beer. And a fruity shot. (WOO COLLEGE) Our bartender was about twelve and carded Jenni and not me. Big tears there.

At the actual Relays. we watched a lot of hurdles. And had very polite Air Force boys sit in front of us. Sadly, Lolo Jones did not compete but watching Chaunte Lowe kick butt at high jump more than made up for it. We learned how triple jump works (an event that I am pretty sure my track team did not have) and I critiqued the competitors’ running styles. Coaching track is something I feel I could really enjoy.

(I took several GIFs but then learned the hard way not to import them with iPhoto. Whoops.)

A visit from Porterhouse made the Relays adventure a success!

All in all, a great time! I forgot how much I love track and will Relay again.

Plus, I got to finish the night warming up in front of a fire. Always nice.

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