Dat Art Cray

The other week, I volunteered at the Des Moines Art Center’s Art Crazy event. Community members donated their “excess” art to the event where it was sold amidst appetizers, margaritas, and sounds from the best DJ in Des Moines. The event drew the crowds typical of art center events: fancy old people and young professionals, with a splash of the offbeat.

Before going into the event, the only art adorning the walls of my bedroom were photos from my photo classes back in the day, including *gasp* a set of self-portraits. I also have some prints of my cousin’s (check him out–a seriously talented nature photographer and musician) that I need to find a place for, as well.


I wasn’t planning on buying anything, as I figured most pieces (and anything I would want) would be way out of my price range.

I walked out with three different items, which are now all waiting to be placed upon my walls.

The first thing that caught my eye (I’ll blame a $5 price tag and three margaritas) was FDR.

After purchasing FDR, I turned around and there on the wall right in front of me was THIS:

FDR had made me courageous. After a bit of haggling, I was walking up to the register again with this big boy.

But I couldn’t stop there. Because then I saw Gloria:

I seriously could have kept going until I was kicked out. And keep in mind these were all found at the very end of the event after everything had already been picked through.

What I liked most about this event–besides my booty–was that it showed how accessible art and starting an art collection really can be. I think most young people (wait–I’m 30 now. Can I still call myself young?) work under an assumption that art is only for artists and the higher classes. False. If you’re looking, it’s there. If you’re willing, there’s something for you. And with the introduction of Art Beacon it has become even easier to be aware and engaged.

Now I just need some help hanging these . . .

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