Some Like it Haute – Preview part II

Before sharing the rest of the selected images from the Khenri shoot, I’d like to make a small announcement.

As part of my goal to start taking myself more seriously and flex my photo muscles more, I’d like to offer my services free of charge (not including expenses, if any) to capture moments for you. Subject to my availability and your locality, of course. The only catch would be I would retain rights to use those images for self-publicity/portfolio purposes. The only way for me to keep getting better is to keep practicing. Please contact me if you would like to see more examples of past work at or by leaving a comment and we can discuss further.

That being said, I leave you with these images:


Once more, much thanks to the models Katherine Rains, Mandee Irwin, Mandy Mohr, Keelia Paulsen, Pete Torres, and James Pearson and stylist Lauren Pearson for such a fun day!

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4 thoughts on “Some Like it Haute – Preview part II

  1. chimes says:

    These are AWESOME!

    Side note … would you be up for baby photography? My friend Adria was looking and she is poor because the baby was unplanned and she didn’t get paid maternity leave … lemme know. I know babies are kind of hard to shoot.

  2. adangross says:

    YES. I haven’t worked much with BABIES, but toddlers are kind of a “specialty” of mine so would love to shoot a baby! (heh heh that sounded wrong but I had to say it)

  3. Amanda Irwin says:

    I’d totally be up for a gym type photo shoot or really anything! If you are bored and wanna try out an idea, let me know!

  4. adangross says:

    Totally! Would love the challenge.

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