Some Like it Haute – Preview part I

This weekend, I had the excellent opportunity to partake in a photo shoot for the spring/summer line (NEON! BRIGHT!) of my friend Keelia’s shoe and fashion company, Khenri. I have to admit–I was a bit nervous! I’ve done shoots before, but nothing of this level with models and stylists and other photographers. In the weeks preceding the shoot, I spent quite a bit of time with Keelia discussing ideas for the shoot and it was such a blast just pouring out the ideas and then determining the logistics (I’ll admit it–I love to hate logistics). But then the nerves set in (would I be good enough? would my camera, very in need of upgrading, be laughed at?) and my excitement faded a bit. I hate when I let me get to me!

But then I was there and all my worries went away. Yes, I need an upgraded camera that can keep up with ME (seriously–the little processor on mine doesn’t have quite enough endurance for shoots like this), but it didn’t stop me. I let go of everything and just focused on the here and now and had fun with it. There are still opportunities for growth, but this was a good start for me in taking myself seriously as a photographer of people and not just things.

I hope to continue to grow and learn and see what I can do with this. At this time, I have no interest in turning it into a business (again, equipment restraints and still more to learn and need to get myself ready for that step), but I love creating things for people that they in turn love.

Here are a few selected images from the shoot. I will share more later this afternoon. Please also view the Khenri site to see a preview of the photos with branding added.

Stay tuned for part II this afternoon! And of course look to Khenri and the Khenri Facebook page for more photos from the shoot from Lucas Moser and for product information.

Much, much thanks to the models Katherine Rains, Mandee Irwin, Mandy Mohr, Keelia Paulsen, Pete Torres, and James Pearson and stylist Lauren Pearson for such a fun day!

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One thought on “Some Like it Haute – Preview part I

  1. Amanda Irwin says:

    I really like the one up underneath the bridge! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

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