A Detour.

Sometimes I’ll see a road sign or something that looks interesting. Or something will tell me to turn down a road I’ve passed hundreds of times before. I love when I have the time available to be able to give into my urges and travel down these unknown roads. (Really . . . wouldn’t it be great if every day you could see a place you’ve never seen before?! And really it is possible without having to hop in a plane every week.)

This evening on the way home from running an errand I saw a sign for a park and the next thing I knew I was crossing three lanes of traffic so I could be in the turning lane. And then driving until I found the park. And then driving until I found the park after that one. I got out of my car and walked around, not worrying about my new shoes. (If we let our new shoes prevent us from walking upon new places, then what good are we really doing?)

Although I was resilient to instagram in the past in favor of using my DSLR (and before that resilient to anything digital), I have to say I love the freedom having a mini-camera in my pocket at all time affords me. Just like having on new shoes shouldn’t stop me, neither should having a “real camera.”

There’s just something about these detours. No matter the sight, the feeling of seeing and experiencing something new is amazing.

And with this little camera embedded in my phone, I can easily capture these moments and show them in the light my memory attributes to them.

I can always come back with the “big guns” if I so choose.

I’m always left satisfied yet longing for more. When will my next adventure be?! What will I find next?!

Even in the most limited of spaces, there is always a new path you can take. And with a few spare minutes and a camera in your pocket, there’s really no excuse not to.

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