I Did Things.

This week, I did things.

I adjusted nicely to the daylight savings time change–even working out at 9:30 pm on Monday night because . . . why not.

I blew off the gym for 74 degree weather and patios. There are not enough words for how well two and half hour on a patio with good friends treats you.

I gave my two weeks notice at my part-time job. A little earlier than planned, but this good weather made it unbearable. That and it wasn’t fair for them to employ a disengaged employee. And I was sick of babysitting high schoolers. And I have trained myself to be better with money so it wasn’t necessary income. But, yup . . . cross one off the 2012 goals list!

I took two days off work to watch basketball.

My dying laptop was placed in hospice after it had a blue screen of death due to overheating. Again, a bit earlier on the timeline than expected, but I upgraded. This post is coming to you from this new device:

So I rearranged some of my financial goals . . . it happens. After hospice-laptop took several hours to restart, started muting itself, started getting hot enough to fry an egg on, and started killing off its components one by one, it was time. The DVDs I burnt to backup and transfer  all my precious data wouldn’t work. My USB drives started dropping one by one. Simple tasks were taking forever.

I should note I was very brave (and stupid) as my trip to the Apple store coincided with a launch day. But I emerged unharmed and in a bit more debt. I’m keeping my SmartyPig money where it is and reallocating that goal towards a new camera (it will be too much a pain to take it out early, and might as well keep saving!). I have had enough money sitting in my savings for a month for my deductible for my car, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to do the repair, as it is highly likely they will total out my car and DO NOT LIKE. I love my car and can handle a bit of a hail damage that isn’t terribly noticeable until you’re standing right next to the car. The purchase won’t change my month-to-month finances, but will mean a few more months added to my payoff plan. It happens.

(I tend to ramble a bit when it comes to justifying my financial decisions. But I ran the plan by a few people and they found it acceptable. So DEAL WITH IT, SELF.)

I am currently in the awkward, fumbling honeymoon stage with my first Mac. It is like this magical machine where I want to learn all the magic! I am still moving all my data in (tiny bucket by tiny bucket, due to disc burning failure and the only SD card hospice-laptop hasn’t killed being only 1GB) and organizing the shit out of it, but then it’s FUN TIME FUN TIME.

OTHER MACBOOK PRO OWNERS: Any tips and magic tricks for first-time Mac owners?! Anything I might not know this magic machine is capable of?!

Okay, back to doing things . . .

This week I also made an infused bourbon (mint) and participated in a bourbon night with friends where I laughed so hard I sweated through my clothes.

I had a nice, big St. Patrick’s day brunch and then managed (somehow) to last a full nine hour shift at the job I am leaving. And it was torture.

And, of course, I transferred a lot of data. So many things.

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