A Night at the Vid

When in college, I spent a great deal of time at the Vid. It used to be a small, smoke-filled space with a few pool tables, a hoop shot game, and the greatest bathroom graffiti ever (“I can’t believe Sting is that guy from the Police.” Once you got the nod from Mike, you knew you were golden. (Years after moving away, I would still get the nod.)

Since I’ve left, walls have been torn down and the space expanded, making it more of a “college bro” bar. Ughh. It’s definitely not the same Vid.

I can’t even count how many nights were spent there closing it down over pitchers of Amber Bock and games of darts. Or games of “tell elaborate lies to old men and see what happens.” (Oops.)

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One thought on “A Night at the Vid

  1. THE NOD! YES! Getting it for the first time was the coolest thing ever. I miss hanging out there and getting Rockits after.

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