Where Do I Start?

As mulled over (over and over) on this blog, I’ve declared this year a quest for creativity and adventure(!). One thing that I have wanted to do to aid me in that quest is to draw more. Doodle more. Scribble more. And I really haven’t. Sure I attended Drink and Draw in January, but how am I doodling more during the day-to-day?

What really sucks is my sister got me this awesome sketchbook for Christmas:

And guess what?

It’s empty.

I even bought a bunch of colored fine-tip pens hoping I’d draw more in it. Nope.

I know all I need to do is pick up my pen and draw something. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Even if every drawing was crappy, how cool would it be to have a book of 365 drawings? Maybe it’s the fact that this year is a leap year that is throwing me off . . . no, I can’t blame it on that. (Damn. I tried.)

This weekend while watching the super bowl my friend Cat drew nine comics during the game. She didn’t have a plan of what she was going to draw before she started–she just drew what came up as it came up. And I saw some sheets get crumpled–even people who are established artists don’t create 100% masterful work and aren’t always pleased with everything. But the stuff that was created was FUN and it was GOOD and it was MADE!

I asked her if she pictures something perfectly in her head before she draws it. She told me she had tried that method before, but did not find it to work as well. She stated some of her best results were when an idea just popped in her head and she went with it.

Now obviously my goal in life is not to become the GREATEST DRAWER IN THE WORLD! I just want to draw more.

For now, I’ll settle for coloring all over my calendar as I complete a day . . . I don’t know why this is any different from doing a drawing a day but I’m getting there GODDAMIT!

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow . . .

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2 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?

  1. Calee says:

    I actually signed up for the limited edition sketchbook project. My book is blank.

    We should have a #SketchUp. Maybe bring mixed media? And maybe you can fill in some of the days you haven’t sketched (which is totally cheating I know, but if it gets a group of ppl together, I’m down).

  2. Aubrey says:

    I really like those colored fine tip pens! I doodle ALL THE TIME. I like the idea of a drawing a day, though I’m far from an actual DRAWER. I’m a serial doodler.

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