Snow Day.

It has been a very mild. Mild to the extent that I found myself actually wanting it to snow. That is just not right.

Saturday my wish was granted. On a day with no responsibilities (ok, so I called off of work from my three-hour shift) I found myself cuddled up on the couch with crappy movies and crappier food. And I didn’t mind it one bit. All in all, we got 4.6 inches of snow.

That day, conversation started about building a snowman in my neighborhood. We decided to do it in the field in front of my place on Sunday. A few friends gathered and we got to work.

However, we found that although the snow would form balls, it wasn’t picking up extra snow when rolled into it in order to make the large balls needed for snowmen.

It would be a fail. Or so we thought . . .

Suddenly, we became a construction crew as Scott brought out buckets that we could use to make “bricks.” Soon, a three layer tall structure was built! There were even discussions about building a catenary arch, but it got too cold and there was a renegade builder.

As I drove home from work today at 6:30 pm, I was pleased to see it was still standing. The lot we built it in is part of an elementary school that serves mostly children from the housing projects on the other side of the school, so I’d like to think they were able to enjoy it today. And even if some jerk kids were to knock it down, at least we would have brought them joy!

Any bets on how many more days it lasts?

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