InstaFriday: #JanPhotoADay Part 2

As January comes to an end, so does #janphotoaday. Here are the photos from the rest of the month (the first half are found here):

From top left down: 16) Morning; 17) Water; 18) Something You Bought; 19) Sweet; 20) Someone You Love; 21) Reflection; 22) Your Shoes; 23) Something Old; 24) Guilty Pleasure; 25) Something You Made; 26) Color; 27) Lunch; 28) Light; 29) Inside Your Fridge; 30) Nature; 31) You, Again.

You will notice I have presented these pictures in a much more visually stimulating way than before. That is thanks to the Sweet 16 Storyboard template, available for download from The CoffeeShop Blog. Be sure to visit the site and make a donation so that we can keep getting such handy tools–I know I will be doing so next payday!

There is also a #febphotoaday challenge now going on. Join in!

life rearranged

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One thought on “InstaFriday: #JanPhotoADay Part 2

  1. Holly says:

    Very cool, I really like the storyboard template!

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