Let’s See How I’ve Done . . . JANUARY

This post is a recap looking back at the goals stated here. I will do this at the end of every month to assess my progress. Not every goal is touched upon, but that’s how I do.

* * *

I’m thirty-one days in to 2012. Within those thirty-one days, I have both made progress on my goals and did some backsliding. But I’ll keep trucking on. Let’s look at what I’ve accomplished (and not-so-accomplished) at a high level.

1. Financial

Lesson learned: mint.com sucks if you check it every day. It doesn’t always update in real-time, and you often have to reclassify expenses when they move from pending to cleared. Therefore, this portion of the goal is slightly modified: I will check my bank account and do my manual recording of expenses daily during the work week, and check mint at the beginning and end of the week–at the least. I have, however, started implementing the goal tracking and budgets. Boo yah. Totally helpful to see my “budget” (something I never had before) in close-to-real time.

I’ve saved $150 towards my new laptop.

No Spend January . . . *sigh* Not a failure, but I definitely did not conquer it. I did awesome the first two weeks, and then it got shaky. (Is it just me or was this a very long January?) However, this will not defeat me! I’ve learned I can survive without going to eat several times a week. Now to continue this lesson for the rest of the year . . .

I used some credit cards. Well, only two. One was my store credit card for my part-time job and I paid it that same day, so that kinda doesn’t count. But the other one . . . I used it for two big expenses that I didn’t assess properly: haircut/color and dry cleaning. Ooops. But I did make extra payments on it (though not equal to what I put on it).

I did, however, make a total of $643.00 in payments towards my credit cards. Wow. I’m slightly altering my payment strategy going into this month, but that won’t change the amount of payment.

2. Health

Blah. No weight loss this month and I sucked at working out. As in 5 or 6 cardio workouts total and 1 strength activity (2 if you count helping a friend move). I’ve learned I cannot run anymore–at least for a while. Even taking precautions my stress fracture comes back in a major way very quickly and puts me out of commission. So I am modifying my C25k plan and doing the “runs” via the elliptical. I did it today and it felt great–my legs do not hate me and my heart rate was up more. WIN WIN WIN. Not discouraged.

I gave blood last week.

Cooking . . . well I have cooked at least once a week so far. But this seems to be a double-edged sword. Cost wise, I’m spending less and eating out less. But I then tend to eat MORE of what I cook, or get sick of it. The key here will be learning balance. I will be doing a lunch exchange with friends in February that will hopefully help.

3. Creativity

I’ve been kicking but at these. The past month of entries demonstrates this. I do need to get going on doodling more, but I took over 500 photos this month. AND! I won a $25 gift card at the Art Noir Annual Meeting that will go towards an art class at the art center.

4. Professional

Nothing much to report here–I’ve been kicking but most of the goals are ones that are not yet timely. I have been more involved with the Gen Y ARG and have contributed more to those meetings.

5. Personal

Adventure has been a prevalent theme. Mini-adventures have occurred, and I have been looking for more.

Try something different: I attended a book club (and decided to join).

Making alcohol less of a priority . . . I’ve made strides but can’t really say they’ve been measurable if one whole night’s activities were based around BATTLESHOTS. Need to really focus–to the extent I am considering making February “Sobruary” . . . but with a few birthdays and a housewarming party, that won’t completely happen. Here’s to effort, though!

I did explore a new church and hope to go back soon.

I spoke in front of a large group (200) as well. Okay, so only 75 were in the room with me, 25 on video conference, and 100 on phone conference–and I only spoke for about 1.5 minutes–but it’s something.

* * *

Now it’s time for a new month. Not a clean slate (come on, that’s letting yourself off too easily!) but a new opportunity to make more growth.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s See How I’ve Done . . . JANUARY

  1. You go girl! I lost 10lbs in January. Operation no processed food is helping, and 3 lbs were arguably Xmas overeating weight. To boot, I’ve not eaten gluten, other than a few choc chip cookies and the bites of pizza crust I did on drunk as hell Derek’s bday night. I WILL START WORKING OUT. I wonder if Siri could harass me with reminders and that would help.

  2. You’ve been kicking ass!! :)

    Something that always helps me lose weight? Starting some sort of program. I’m doing Jamie Eason’s LiveFit — phase one is actually not scary. It’s all lifting. Mark’s doing that right now and sprinkling in some cardio workouts with it.

    Also, weight watchers is awesome. I found an app that you can buy that doesn’t require you to sign up for WW, but it tracks everything exactly the same: http://www.ultimatevaluediary.com/ It even has a barcode scanner so you can pick things up at the store that are low points value. I’m kicking myself for signing up for WW and paying for it when this app was out there. I’m doing WW just to help Mark with his … and it would have been nice not to pay for it. But I’ve lost 6 lbs since the holidays on WW. That’s pretty much all I needed to lose, so I’m in maintenance mode, but Mark’s lost 10+.

    Anyway … you’ve been kicking ass at the creative stuff!

    Oh, and also, I found that I hate mint.com. I actually deleted my account yesterday. I started using a spreadsheet. I found that if I save all my receipts, write all my expenditures down that DON’T warrant a receipt (like daily coffee) and go through once a week (I did once a day when I started), that I’m awesome at finances. I went from having decent credit card debt to having more than double that debt in savings in a year.

    here’s my spreadsheet: http://chimesdesign.com/blog/2012/01/02/money-money-money-money-mooooneeyyy/

    Good luck!!

  3. adangross says:

    Ha ha ha my spam filter caught this comment–probably because it said “weight loss” in it. Programs also help me–hence the C25K. I have some restrictions on me because of my legs so I have to get any program I do approved . . . working up to something like Kosama or Farrel’s! As for tracking, I am a big fan of sparkpeople.com. I’ve had GREAT results with it.

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