As Simple as Silence

Yesterday I found myself faced with a two-hour window of time between obligations and a recently burned “Best of 2011” mix CD that just had to be listened to. And so I just drove, enjoying the music and the silence of being alone.

I stopped my car at the Iowa Veterans’ Cemetery and drove around a lap before stopping to give a grieving widow her chance to be alone without my interruption.

There, I enjoyed the silence and the reflection on what these men and women have contributed. As far as cemeteries go, it isn’t the most beautiful or charming (yes, I just used those words to describe cemeteries) but its reason for being makes it such a special place.

Sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere, completely alone, and just reflect or think about nothing at all. Think of things outside of you. Every so often, I just need to drive. I need country roads and hills and signs of life outside of my immediate vision. And I usually end up at cemeteries, not out of morbid fascination but out of the quiet. It had been an interesting twelve hours and I needed that.

* * *

Those flowers found alone in the first picture? The note attached read “Happy Birthday Daddy.” And then my heart just shattered.

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6 thoughts on “As Simple as Silence

  1. Erin says:

    This is so beautiful. Last year on a snowy day, I stopped at the Korean War memorial on 231. Although small scale, it was moving.

  2. Amarie says:

    Thanks for reminding me of just what it is that I need! Beautiful photos.

  3. Kim Loewen says:

    Beautiful! And I have to say it is nice to be alone and just think with NO distractions! :)

  4. your images are beautiful and your post is lovely. thank you for sharing your photos and your thoughts. :)

  5. ostranderblog says:

    Veterans cemeteries stir my heart as well, I think its wonderful to visit and enjoy the beauty. I like to enjoy the quiet, and there really are some beautiful photos of the headstones, I think its respectful …the top photo led me here, I loved hearing how you found it.

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