InstaFriday: #JanPhotoADay Part I

Like many other instagram users, I have been participating in #janphotoaday for the last 20 days. I have compiled a rough (okay, that’s an underestimate) collage of the photos from the first half of the month:

From top left down: 1) Me; 2) Breakfast; 3) Something you adore; 4) Letterbox; 5) Something you wore; 6) Makes you smile; 7) Favourite; 8) Your Sky; 9) Daily Routine; 10) Childhood; 11) Where you sleep; 12) Close-up; 13) In your bag; 14) Something You’re Reading; 15) Happiness.

Oddly, the hotdog has been the most liked image. Imagine that.

At the end of the month, I’ll post the remaining sixteen days.

Just another fun way to use and interact with instagram!

life rearranged

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One thought on “InstaFriday: #JanPhotoADay Part I

  1. Holly says:

    I love your cat, s/he looks so happy in the sun! :)

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