You Capture: Cold

Brrr. It is cold. And I am a bit of a cold weather denier, as you can clearly see by what I wore today:

Yes, those are my bare legs in one (ONE!) degree weather.

Because I am thought I was immune to cold weather, I went outside to take some pictures around the neighborhood to capture our recent snowfall and frigid skies. I did have enough common sense to change into jeans, but I left my gloves at home.


I made it a total of five minutes outside, or a walk to the end of the block and across the street, before returning inside.

I decided to play around a bit more with my Diana F+ Soft Telephoto 110mm lens I got for Christmas. I am not used to working with such a long lens so knowing where to place myself in relation to my subject was a bit of a challenge at first. Also still getting used to shooting in “adjusted manual” (as I like to call it) where I can only adjust the shutter speed and have no metering to go off of.

But, as always, I was up for the challenge.

And now a few sights from my quick, freezing walk, straight off my camera and on to the screen . . .

I love the shallow depth of field and the softness and bokeh, but still need more time to really use this lens to my advantage!

Now, to warm up . . .

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2 thoughts on “You Capture: Cold

  1. Teresa says:

    Those are pretty good, especially with freezing fingers!

  2. Jenny K says:

    I love the angles! Nice shots!

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