Flashback Friday

A new year! This week in the past: organization and returns to the dorm room, night time walks for the sake of cheesecake, adventures in Spain, being hard in Bloomington, caucusing in 2004, and had fun in new ways in Des Moines.

About Flashback Friday.

*Note: I will be discontinuing Flashback Friday after this post and instead focusing on Revisitation. I feel the Revisitation posts contain more value and more interesting content than just throwing up whatever I happened to have posted on livejournal this week in the past. That, and it almost makes me sick how many F-bombs I used to drop in my writing then. Ha!January 4th, 2002| Age: 19 | Music: Tracy Chapman

aaah yes. back in MY room. life is good. i spent all last night organizing my shelves. I added a shoerack to my closet! I am such a nerd. I just got done from working the easiest 4 hours of my life. $36 right there…not too bad. bridget got the other supervisor position so we are equals once again. :) my task for this afternoon is to clean out my desk, vaccuum, and scrub everything. muahahha.i am so glad i paid my credit card bill in advance and bought all my books in adavance. allows me not to worry too much about my almost negative checking account balance. :) ALMOST. but that’s what happens when you buy an expensive-ass camera. heh heh

can’t wait until martin luther king jr. weekend…4 day weekend…no work. :) life is good. josh, beth, nathaniel, and maybe zak and all them guys too are coming down also. rock on.

no subpoena in my mail!! heh heh…i was highly doubtful i would get one…but you never know. :)

 * * *

January 5th, 2003| Age: 20 | Music: From Autumn to Ashes

after my first day of work in forever, i sat around the house for what felt like forever. it felt sooo good to be back at work…this is the longest i have gone without working in FOREVER. and i also received hours at the varisty shop next week meaning i will have something meaningful to do with my time after everyone leaves for tour/vacation. hopefully i will hang out with people as well. that is always splendid.tonight was SPLENDID. after watching amelie, reading, and relaxing, i realized i was hungry for cheesecake. and so i trekked from my house to moonstruck where i enjoyed the most delightful cheesecake EVER. I then decided to make an evening of it and proceded to trek from moonstruck to THERE. in other words, i walked from moonstruck chocolate to chi-chi’s. CRAAAAZY. it was sooo great. i la la love these walks. i wish i had more time to do them ALL the time. i hate my laziness and i hate the general laziness of america. this is my way of trying to defeat it.

i realize i really like painting things and fixing things; even just *trying* to fix things.

i love walking until i cannot feel anything. you reach this point of numbness that is accompanied by this increase in sensory perception. every little thing elicited some sort of response.

it was like heaven; but colder and with more snow…

but then brings in to play the whole theory of heaven and i am too sleepy to go there now.

i look forward to reading my boooook all day tomorrow. i like my book’s constant usage of the words “fuck” and “shit”. yes–fuck, shit, capitalism, and schizophrenia.


* * *

January 4th, 2004| Age: 21 | Music: None

hola…the weather here is fucking ACE. The only cold night was NEW YEARS. Sol wasn´t as crazy as I had hoped…I went and saw PHANTASMIA (or whatever) de la OPERA….QUE BUENO!!!

Yo quiero CHUPITOS!!! behind christine´s apartment are literally 50 or so bars within one block…none with cover and all with one euro chupitos…QUE BUENO! oh god they were heaven…we got these chupitos called BAM BAM that had whipped cream on them…I danced on a table .

I haven´t spent too much money though.

Tomorrow I am going to a bull fight. (!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday I am going to Toledo.

Wednesday and Thursday I am going to MALAGA…aka the birthplace of PICASSO and it is on the MEDITERANEAN…I may go to Gibraltar as well to play with the monkeys…

we went to retiro at night and alluded to drum banging morroccans. saw the prado.

tomorrow I get to see GUERNICA…yes yes yes yesssss this means so much to me. damn me and my love for spanish artists…el greco! picasso! dali! velasquez!

and i got to see LAS MENIÑAS!!! the same painting i did a project on!

but enough of that….


oh and I saw New York.

* * *

January 8th, 2005| Age: 22 | Music: None

If any of you are, or know of, a dude with dark hair who got decked in the face LATE thursday night on 2nd street: I was going to say I’m sorry, but really…I have no reason to be. Any dude who runs up behind a girl and gras her obviously deserves to get their face pounded at least once.Mad props to everyone who has poured massive amounts of beer down my mouth. And given me mad action. Yeah baby. Ha. I’ve been on my best behavior. Besides throwing cash down for lots of MAC makeup and kicks. And booze. Fuck yeah.

Ummm yes! YES!

two more nights. let’s make it hard.

* * *

January 8th, 2008| Age: 25 | Music: None

So, I did it. I caucused.

First, a little background info. As you may know, I am not overly political. Because of this, I have never registered with a party, although I usually identify closer with the Dems. I just don’t like being labeled, I guess. Sounds lame. So, in order to caucus, you have to be registered with that party. Accordingly, you may only attend the caucus of one party. Pretty basic. They let you register with the party at the caucus site, so I thought it was no big deal.

I used to live in Des Moines and was registered to vote there at my old address, and did vote in the last two elections there (2004 presidential and 2006 gubernatorial). I decided I would rather caucus in that precinct than the one I would belong to at my new address in Indianola because then I would be “closer to all the action.” I thought . . . “No problem, I’ll just show up there with my voter reg. card for that address and write ‘D’ on the back [Oh yeah, I decided to go to the Democratic Caucus] and it’s a done deal.” Well, I didn’t realize that in order to register with a party, you have to completely re-register [address, DLN #, etc.] and it is a crime to register with the wrong address. So I had an ethical dilemna, but I asked the caucus chair and she said it was okay, just put the correct address and it’s no problem. After all, I was counted in that precinct when it came to calculating precinct size and not in my new one . . . So problem avoided.

I don’t really think that many people know how the caucuses work. I know I didn’t until a few weeks ago. The Democratic and Republican ones work definitely . . . I’ll explain the Republican one first because it is simpler.

At the Republican caucuses, you just have to show up in your precinct by 7:00. Then, there will be some crap on the agenda and then a representative from the precinct will speak briefly about each candidate. After all candidate representatives have spoken, the precinct members write down on a piece of paper who they prefer and there you have it. I don’t know much more than this. The results, then, are based on the total number of votes a candidate recieves . . . one person, one vote. I don’t think the precincts choose delegates at this point, since it is anonymous. Not sure how that works . . . But what this means is that “votes” will be cast for every candidate. Now on to the Democrats . . .

I went to the Democratic Caucus. First, we were read statements by the Democratic Party asking for money and envelopes were passed around. Surprise surprise. Then, a head count was done to determine the total amount of people there. We had 322. This was needed in order to determine the number needed for viability, which I will get in to. Then, representatives spoke for each candidate. The Obama people were very loud and when the Hillary rep started speaking one girl screamed out OBAMA! and the whole group cheered back . . . ha ha ha. Then the fun began to start . . . each candidate was assigned a portion of the room and you had to move and sit in the section for the candidate you choose. The “undecideds” would walk around and the groups would try to lure them in! After everyone has settled in to their groups, another head count is done for each group to determine if a group is viable. A group is viable only if it has at least 15% of the precinct. So, a candidate needed 49 people in order to be viable. If a group wasn’t viable, its members could either leave or join a new group, or if they were close enough to viability try to convince enough people to join them. SO THIS IS WHERE THE REAL FUN BEGINS . . .

I will now disclose that I caucused for Edwards, although I do also like Obama. However, it was evident that Obama was going to have NO problem being viable . . . after the first head count, he already had nearly 1/2 the precinct!!! Hillary had EXACTLY 49, and Edwards had close to 60. The Richardson group was about 10 away from viability, Bidden about 15 away. I don’t think anyone was caucusing for Kuzinich or Gravel, and only one person for Dodd. So at this point, Hillary, Edwards, and Obama groups started fighting for the Richardson/Bidden/and Dodd people. The Richardson group tried to convince the Bidden group to join them and make Richardson viable, but the Biddens would not do so! So this caused quite the struggle . . . I think it took over an hour for all the non-viable people and undecideds to go with a viable group. In the end, Edwards got most of the Richardson people, and the Biddens split between Obama and Hillary, but mostly to Obama. Oh, and you could also choose to LEAVE your viable group at this time.

Then another head count was done. This time, it was only between the three viable groups. This count was to determine how many delegates for each candidate would be sent to the county convention in March. My precinct had eight delegates. There are over 1,000 precincts, each with varying numbers of delegates. It ended up that Obama had 4, Edwards 2, and Hillary 2 (But Edwards had more people than Hillary so that felt good!!!). Then, each candidate group had to designate who within them would be the delegates to go to the convention, plus pick some alternates.

I guess after all this there was discussion on resolutions and stuff . . . However, I left and met up with Blake and Kevin at their precinct. Theirs was in the resolution discussion phase. CSPAN was covering theirs, so I may have been on TV? Who knows . . . I had no phone service at their location so I couldn’t send any messages out to find out!!! The only reason they were still there was that Kevin was going to be interviewed on CSPAN after the caucus to discuss the candidates. Listening to people discuss the resolutions was painful (people talking just to hear their own voices, people who had no idea what they were saying, people who just wanted to be on TV, and some people who actually had good things to say) so Blake and I left Kevin there (who was later interviewed) and headed downtown to find out where the parties were at.

We ended up going to Obama’s reception and got there just before he came out and did his speech. Pretty cool. I really wish I would have attended more of the events before the caucuses–I am pretty stupid not to have. Oh well. We just went downtown after ‘bama wrapped up and walked around. I was on a quest to find Anderson Cooper and Bill Clinton, and I failed.

Overall, caucusing was pretty bad ass. Totally the truest form of democratic governance. But people always confuse the caucus with a primary–IT IS NOT! It doesn’t really have any real meaning, except to kind of set the pace for the primaries and stuff, and it gives the candidates a LOT of free press.

Alright, this was LONG!

* * *

January 4th, 2009 | Age: 26 | Music: None

This weekend, I:- attended a game night with new friends
– ate in at a pizza establishment I used to always get carryout from
– stayed out until after 3am Friday night without drinking
– started reading my first Jane Austen novel (Persuasion)
– slept in BOTH days
– got my oil changed, along with a new air filter and a new cabin filter (over 50,000 miles baby!), as well as paid $20 for them to clean my battery for me because I am too lazy (and would rather trust everything to the dealership while I am still paying it off)
– had carryout Thai from my favorite place and it was disappointing :(
– RENTED movies from a place other than redbox
– stayed up late starting and beating Guitar Hero II on Easy
– stayed up past 2am READING
– started playing Guitar Hero II on Medium
– CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET and organized my clothes by type
– wrote something every day in some form or another
– watched a lot of trashy TV
– watched almost the entirety of the top 100 HARD ROCK songs and LOVED IT

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