Crockpots for Change

Word on the street is that crockpots are pretty handy to have around. They cook your food for you while you are away and can keep party food warm for a long time. For as long as I can remember, I have had a crockpot. However, for as long as I can remember I have rarely used my crockpot.

The one I have now is frankly TOO BIG! See? (okay, so that one is actually my roommates but I have a similar sized but different shaped one that is currently dirty)

How can I possibly justify using one that size to prepare a meal just for me? I can’t. I could, but I’d likely get real sick of whatever I would make before it would be gone.

The one I had before then was TOO SMALL. (Not pictured, as I left it at an old roommate’s house accidentally after moving.) At 1 quart, it was best for keeping dips warm. Anything substantial would not fit in it and it was hard to find crockpot recipes that would work for it.



But then I found one that is JUST RIGHT. This little 2 quart buddy will hopefully promote more usage of the ‘pot and more lazy dinners.

Of course, I just need to get over my irrational fear of leaving something hot plugged in unattended.

That fear is irrational, right guys?!

Any favorite crockpot recipes to share? 

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