2011: The List of DID (part one)

One of the nice things about having a carefully organized album of photos is the ability to look through the catalog and see at a glance just what I did over the past year. Then, couple that with the over-documentation that facebook, twitter, and having a blog bring and you’ve got a shitload of over-information. As 2011 has drawn to a close, what better time to piece it all together into The List of DID: things that done got did. Without further ado, I bring you January – June . . .


  • Rang in the New Year (old year now) at Carl’s.
  • Pre-MLK Sunday Funday spanning over 12 hours.
  • Karaoke night and getting Mollenkamp’d on the dance floor, leading to . . .
  • Sprained foot and winter in a boot.
  • Attended DSM GuacUp at Dos Rios.
  • Beat the tables at the Red Monk to the sounds of Phil Collins for the first time, accompanied by beer box gladiators and a Josh behind the bar.
  • Watched the Bears play the Packers in the NFC championship at the Chicken Coop. And cried.
  • Went to Gong Fu Tea for the first time.
  • Abbie took me along via her guest list privileges to the Good Old War/Guster show at the Hoyt Sherman. College me screamed along to every Guster song. From the second row center.
  • Attended the soft opening of Gusto.
  • Was labeled proletariat at a post-holiday holiday party.


  • A big snow came and the snow plows trapped my car in.
  • Went to a “tropical” wine night. And made the mistake of drinking before it. And after. And spent the next day in a world of pain. Because of WINE.
  • Sang a duet with Chris Juhl. To Len. (Of course.)
  • Went to bar. In WEST DES MOINES. A few times.
  • Ran my face into the corner of a dresser. Legitimately. Black eye.
  • Celebrated Valentines Day the classiest way possible: at a sports bar and then at Carl’s.
  • Created an extensive sharepoint site for a group I was in at my job at the time.
  • Vinegar Valentines’ part II.
  • Spent quality time with Keelia and Henri.
  • Celebrated Jenni’s birthday. #jlaahbahk
  • Celebrated Becky’s birthday with a bus and a stripper pole.


  • Drank a white russian from a sippy cup in a fort.
  • Played games and did racist TV karaoke at Lindsey’s.
  • Did boots at Hessen Haus and was victimized by Jenni’s face grabbing on multiple occasions.
  • Spent a fun day at the Science Center of Iowa with Molly and Calla.
  • Celebrated Fawn’s birthday with a game of ring toss using a glow stick necklace . . . and our heads.
  • Was the victim of a leaky bathroom ceiling.
  • Hosted a Mardi Gras party with Emilee and Chelsea that was more fun than I could have imagined. (Related: met Chelsea)
  • Combined discount wine with attending my first Pecha Kucha night. As usual, the wine was a mistake.
  • Hosted an impromptu game night after purchasing a record player.
  • Spent more money than I planned on new glasses.
  • Attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade for the first time.
  • Enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day for the first time, thanks to Dos Rios, the Monk, and Carl’s.
  • Waited over an hour for a cold sandwich and saw Bright Giant.
  • Saw cops on horses pull over a car.


  • Spent an entire night at West Des Moines bars . . . 
  • Got a sunburn on April 3rd.
  • Celebrated Cat’s birthday with a crappy TV show themed party.
  • Was shaken by a senseless tragedy.
  • ANOTHER karaoke night. This time with baby dolls. And a Sonny & Cher duet with <3 Luke <3.
  • Played games in the penthouse suite of the Hotel Fort Des Moines with an Egyptian.
  • A sad day led to a super fun night with nothing other than karaoke. And Doug getting down to GNR.
  • Hosted a pizza party.
  • Gathered with the law school girls for a ridiculous night centered around watching a Lifetime movie.
  • Anthony won me a panda bunny from a crane game.
  • Went back home to Indiana for Easter.
  • Went in a hot tub for probably the last time ever. (Please remind me hot tubs do not get along with me.)
  • Jared’s amazing laser pointer light show dance parties. And Wilson Phillips over and over.
  • Went to Manhattan Deli for the FIRST TIME EVER.
  • Spent more friday nights at the Monk than I needed to.
  • At some point made my first visit to the SaraBekaDecka.


  • Spent my birthday week sick with walking pneumonia. Was in bed by 9 on my birthday and by 6 on Cinco de Mayo.
  • SPACE MEXICAN PARTY. Patio the zebra, Flynn flynning it, custom t-shirts, and visits from the cops.
  • A wonderful mothers’ day spent outside at Suzana and Igor’s.
  • Another karaoke night brought courtesy of the birthdays of Sheena and myself. This time with a porcelain hand.
  • Bought a sunhat.
  • Celebrated Laura’s birthday multiple times. Three times I believe. Kirkwood, the Monk, Fongs (the night Ben accidentally bought all the pizza, the Decka, the Kirkwood, the Monk, Fongs, Django, Dos Rios).
  • A fun Sunday spent in Kyle’s backyard.
  • And then I took off by car and headed south . . .
  • . . . Kansas . . .
  • . . . A night in Oklahoma City complete with real cowboys and bullriding . . .
  • . . . Austin, TX. Initiated with a Rockabilly festival . . .
  • . . . then a lot of chilling and rum and beer and barbecue and . . .
  • . . . a river float . . .
  • . . . and Texas places . . .


  • Started the month with a drive down to San Antonio and explored the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and other SA sites.
  • Took a leisurely drive through Hill Country and saw Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, and the LBJ National Park.
  • Did karaoke in Austin and was “discovered” by the National Karaoke League.
  • Spent an awesome weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with Lindsey.
  • Saw the devastation that was Joplin, Missouri, two weeks post-tornado.
  • Went to an Opera event and once again drank too much wine. To the point I was convinced I should be an opera singer.
  • Spent a night downtown just people watching with Emilee and Molly.
  • Made tacos and enjoyed an evening on a roof.
  • Did a photo shoot of Henri in the Sculpture Garden.
  • A summer day filled with pizza berets, spontaneous song writing, the Gas Lamp, and the Library.
  • Had three “dates” in 24 hours.
  • Saw Michael Buble.
  • Saw fireworks from a rooftop and shot at people with a laser pointer.
  • Celebrated the renovation of the Red Monk with three visits in one day.
  • Des Moines Arts Festival.
  • Spent an evening with the Palmers.
  • Had a random Monday night of fun with Keelia.
  • Had my first dinner at Tom’s.
  • Connected two friends one random night at Carl’s . . .


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One thought on “2011: The List of DID (part one)

  1. Steph says:

    Good lord, you had a lot of fun in 2011! And this is only HALF of 2011. Color me impressed. :)

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