I have recently become somewhat addicted to instagram. Not obsessed, but addicted. If I’m not posting my own images, then I am regularly refreshing to see what new images my friends have posted.

At first, I was too stubborn to use it. It took me almost a year to catch on. So many excuses: “too trendy” or “too impure.” But I’ve caught on.

For those not on instagram, here are a few shots from this past week. I thank diptic for allowing collages and framing. (It’s a good use of $.99. It imports directly to instagram, twitter, facebook, and more.)

Kristynn, Erik, and I celebrating in ugly sweaters.

The game of Pit.

Games in the basement.

I must admit that I do enjoy the low-fi simplicity of the iPhone camera. It’s a fun way to be creative on a whim and a budget. Other apps that I highly recommend for photos: pudding camera (it’s FREE and has more simple features than a lot of other apps), hipstamatic, and incredibooth.

Edited to Add: So I just became aware of (and instantly signed up for) Instagrid. It’s a web album populated from your instagram account! Totally awesome.

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