Flashback Friday

This week in the past: post-winter break boredom, preparing for Europe, trips to Bloomington, and a call to action re: a classic wardrobe.

About Flashback Friday.

December 29th, 2002 | Age: 20 | Music: None

i will be back in bloomington TOMORROW.

i will have no car.

people call me and entertain me.


i like cookies.

 * * *

December 29th, 2003 | Age: 21 | Music: None

This time tomorrow I will be over the ocean.

I take gambles.

I do things I shouldn’t, or that others say I shouldn’t, but I let myself just go on.

It’s like that, you know.

I am not one for settling.

I love so many goddamn people.

Someday I will get myself in trouble.

But until then…

Yes, until then…

For the next two weeks, I will not be here. I will be unaccessible. I will miss you like crazy, and vice versa.

But at the same time…

So, knowing me I will end up posting before I leave tomorrow. But I would prefer I not. This is part of my New Year’s Resolution, but no one is to know what it is.

Yeah, that’s all part of the game…

Have fun, be safe, leave me a shitload of messages…get drunk, call me, leave messages…e-mail me, love me, come and find me.

 * * *

December 30th, 2004 | Age: 22 | Music: None

Hi! I am heading to Bloomington tomorrow.

* * *

December 30th, 2008 | Age: 26 | Music: None

I just sent this email to a few friends and should post it on here as well:

* * *

I am totally starting my wardrobe over from scratch. I’ll be going through this weekend and deciding what of my existing clothing I will keep and get rid of everything else. Then I will be shopping (A LOT) to start all over!!!

I have asked a few people what they consider essential items, and this has been the input so far:

1) black dress that works for both work and play
2) black or grey pants
3) a cardigan
4) t-shirts from the Gap or similar store
5) a great pair of jeans
6) button down shirts
7) a skirt

Now, not including workout clothes, lazy-not-leaving-the-house clothes, and suits (both swimming and professional), what are five additional items of clothing you cannot live without?

I am looking for non-trendy items that can form the backbone to any good wardrobe–simple, easy to mix-and-match or layer. I’m going for the greatest possible utility here! I am usually one of those people who finds a top I really like and then end up buying it in EVERY SINGLE COLOR, and while that is good for t-shirts, it has resulted in me having a very unbalanced wardrobe!

Also, any tips on great places to shop for CHEAP (again, MAXIMUM UTILITY!) would also be appreciated! I want the most bang for my buck! I’m an inpatient shopper who hates crowds and digging through piles of crap.

* * *


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