Son of a Mint. is the devil.

A very helpful, eye-opening devil, but the devil nonetheless.

I’ve had an account for a couple of years but have never used it until yesterday. At the time I opened my account, my checking account was not able to sync so it was virtually useless. Upon revisiting yesterday, not only was I able to sync my checking, but also all of my credit cards as well as my investment accounts (well, one of them–the other two still need added) and therefore opening the door to greater transparency and accountability.

And it was scary.

I’ve been tracking my expenses from just my checking for a few months now and trending it by category at the end of the month. This has proved timely and really not that effective as I couldn’t see how much I was spending on a particular category until the end of the month, thus eliminating any chance of proactive changes.

But now, now it is all there. Every thing I use my credit card for exposed. How much interest I am accumulating on my cards exposed. Everything. And now I cannot hide behind ignorance.

It’s that time of year where we are all thinking of what we need to change/focus on for the new year. Like Cassie, I also use goals rather than resolutions. I am working on finalizing my last few goals and then will bare all and post them tomorrow. And I can already tell that the dirt Mint has on me will be the basis for a few of them . . .

I’m sure I’m not alone here. I’m interested in any Mint success stories. Or even failures if there are any. ‘FESS UP.

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