Flashback Friday

This week in the past: Hanging out with exes, end of semester grades, christmas break, get low, and lots of f-bombs.

About Flashback Friday.

December 21st, 2002 | Age: 20 | Music: None

being with them last night did not feel too weird.
uneventful, but it was with them.
they are not neccessarily the most exciting people in the world.

it’s odd to think that I dated Chad. He’s a really nice guy, but he just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy I would have dated…crazy. he did get employee of the quarter at Friday’s though…ha ha ha ha…and bought us all food last night with some of his $240 in tips…

but yeah…no feelings…except for me getting SICK at steak-n-shake. i just have this really bad feeling that i will end up in the hospital for the holidays.

i also fear i won’t get a ride back to b-town before new-years….which i desperately neeeeeeed!!!

i was such a precious child.

* * *

December 23rd, 2003 | Age: 21 | Music: Outkast – “Hey Ya”

LAMP L416 3241 3.0 B+
HON H211 0003 3.0 A
ECON E347 1874 3.0 A
ECON E390 1878 3.0 A-
COAS W333 0241 0.0 S
COAS W333 0233 0.0 S
FINA S490 2453 3.0 A-


My semester GPA made it to a whopping 3.74! That is DA BOMB!!! And my overall went from 3.24 to 3.3…

Now, let me tell you a little story…I was beginning to feel the HEAT…I mean, a 3.24 GPA is pretty decent, but I am in LAMP and the HONORS COLLEGE and in order to get my notations and certificates, I had to not only take certain classes, but also maintain a 3.3 GPA…Now, I have had to take a lot of extra classes for these programs…In fact, had I not taken them, I could have graduated THREE SEMESTERS EARLY…now, had I not gotten my gpa up to 3.3, that would have been a shitload of wasted money…SO I AM QUITE PLEASED!!!

this was also my hardest semester ever…two intenswive writing courses…PLUS two upper-level econ courses where I had to write fucking 15 page term papers…AY YAY YAY…and then add in a time-intensive photo class…



* * *

December 23rd, 2004 | Age: 22 | Music: None

Umm, hey.

I got my replacement cell phone today so I can once again call people. It’s a nice feeling.

Even better feeling than completing my first semester of law school. Now I just have to wait until February to get my grades. . .

Friday I went out to “THE LOFT” which is some bar in West Des Moines which feels like the kind of place the characters from American Pie would all meet up at for a reunion. Before going, I drank an entire bottle of Asti Spumante by myself. Then I get there and lo and behold EVERY FUCKING DRINK is only $2.00. I had about 4 jaeger bombs, 6 mix drinks, and 2 shots of tequilla. I remembered hearing GET LOW on the dance floor and after that the night was a blur. I tried to convince people to have an after party at my apartment. WTF?! I got home and then Mike called so I got on my bike and drove OVER THE HIGHWAY about a mile or so. WTF. I eventually got home.

I got up the next morning and drove straight to Chicago. I got to hang out with Adria and Kyle, and Mr. Ley and Mr. Long were visiting as well! I have photos for later. Sunday I ate a lot of good Asian food and got to spend the day with Linda and Mary! I ended up staying home until Monday morning.

Monday night I met up with Kristynn. That was lovely as per usual! Then Tuesday I went up to Inman’s with Erin, Shane, and Katie. Shane won us all stuffed animals, and I won them all snake pens and army men. It was beautiful.

Things have been boring since then. I really need to start working out/eating better. This weight thing is getting out of control. Trimspa, baby.

Uggh. I want to go out and see a movie or something tonight. Somebody call me or something.

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