Friday evening (at a work outing, nonetheless) I saw a psychic for the first time.

After a few bourbon and cokes, is there ever a better idea? Especially for $5.

At first, she approached our table and then walked away fast. I thought I had blown my chance. Then I ran into her in the bathroom and she told me she couldn’t stay at that table because of the rude welcome she was given, but that I was going to have a very good year, as was someone else at the table. And someone at the table would have a family addition.

When I sat down with her, she asked me right away if I’d had my son yet. She informed me I would have a son and a daughter. Then she hit me a lot. I think like three times. On the hand. She said to stop being gullible and to get away from the alcoholics. Someone from my past would try to come back and I needed to say no. Alcohol would bring pain (referring to the next morning, perhaps). I needed to save money as I would be going down sizes. She said I was intuitive. At the end, she said a lot of very religious things–I am not sure if this was just to me or if it is part of her deal.

Perhaps the most cryptic thing she said was this “Cleaning fish = lust and passion.” She said there would be a fisherman and (it’s a bit cloudy here–bourbon and cokes) we would clean a fish together, “guts and scales and all.” Now what does this mean?! I have been pondering it all weekend . . .

  1. I meet someone who works as a fisherman. (Very literal)
  2. I meet someone who occasionally fishes. And we clean some fish together.
  3. I meet someone whose last name is “Fisher.”
  4. I meet someone at El Bait Shop.
  5. Maybe I catch a fish and clean it with someone’s help. AND WE FALL IN LOVE.

So many options. Until it all becomes clear to me, I will do the perfectly sane thing of asking every man I know if he likes to fish. It just makes sense.


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