Flashback Friday

This week in the past: Concerts in Indianapolis, working an IU game in Indianapolis, karaoke revolution and awkward parties, the night I flipped my bike, finals week.

About Flashback Friday.

December 13th, 2001 | Age: 19 | Music: None

well, tonight i went to another show. scott and i went to indy to see student rick, the riddlin kids, lucky boys confusion, and catch 22. well, we get there and we find out the exit is playing too. rock on. we also get there and double j comes out to tell us we are on the guest list. free show. double rock on. brett’s grandpa died and zach is getting med tests done, so only jason and adam were playing. the played an acoustic set. scott was telling me about all the shit adam did to him when he left the band…i just have a natural dislike for that boy…the acoustic set was good though…riddlin kids were normal…i loved the exit…dave had told us before about them sleeping on his floor but i had never seen them before and i really enjoyed them (especially the bassist’s tight jeans ;) ) lucky boys confusion blew me away…so many different styles and so unique…it was chaos on stage…but what really got to me was when stooby asked how many of us were born in the eighties and then broke out into…


my jaw dropped…it was the best thing i have ever heard due to the “sentimental value”…i almost called chad just about then, but the feeling to do so wore off. :) catch 22 was next and they were cool…chaotic…at one point half of the crowd was on the stage. absolutely no security. rock on.

after the show we were going to go to jan’s to stay with adam and jason, but adam is an asshole and jason is always drunk and looking for people to make out with, so we didn’t go. plus scott is leaving for south bend tomorrow. so we hung around and chatted with double j, adam, and jason…along with stooby from lucky boys confusion and ben from the exit and numerous members of catch 22.

so all and all, it was a very fun night. and i didn’t pay one penny! well, except for the bread sticks i just bought, but that’s besides the point…

scott and i thugged to eminem on the way home. rock on. and he didn’t talk about mary too much, which is good, because i don’t want to get stuck in the middle. i feel bad because i am the ONLY one of mary’s friends who likes scott. he’s not a bad guy…he just gets moody like every other guy does and his feelings for her are more serious than hers for him…i guess i’m just sympathetic since he’s the exact male version of me. :)

two more finals to study for.

* * *

December 15th, 2002 | Age: 20 | Music: None

11.5 hours later and i am off work.

we were so effin’ busy. damn the DOME!

i still have my all-access dome pass on though. muahhaaa

and i still get a rush everytime i walk into work and am surrounded by the sights and smelss of IU basketball…*sigh*

but now i am off to bed, for i work in 8 hours…

oh and did i mention i am sick as hell?!?!?


* * *

December 13th, 2003 | Age: 21 | Music: None


That was a happy sound, for the semester of doom is nearing its completion.

And for the inventors of the ingenius KARAOKE REVOLUTION. I mean, seriously, I can’t get enough of it. It consumes me in my sleep!

I have been on a cleaning kick lately, which has resulted in a SHINY bathroom, RAVISHING stove top, and dishes that we can actually eat off of.

I had my sister ALYSON dye my hair yesterday…I was kind of scared when I first took out the foil because the black was sooo black. But then I washed it and styled it and I must say I likey. Except for it looks like I am black-haired with reddish highlights instead of a reddish-brown head with black lowlights. WHAT WOULD NANO DO?!

I finished my last photo class. That was sad. Photo kids are always the best. As I was leaving class, this one boy I had photo with last semester pulled me aside to get my number so we “could hang out next semester”. How sweet!

And then I went to Erin and Bethany’s last night and got hit on by that one creepy dude. I am posting the lines he used to teach all you men how to be a true PLAYAH:

1) “Photog…that’s an interesting name.”-said because I was wearing a name tag that said PHOTOG from the show at the Crump.

2) “So, I see an “X” on your hand…you straightedge?”-said I was holding a bottle of Alize in the hand with the “X” on it.

3)”Can I ask you a question before you leave?”
“Do you want to go out some time”
“You can just go ahead and tell me no. I am used to it.”
“Can I come with you?”
–at this point I decided he was making me sick so I had to get the hell out of there.

NOTE: while being assertive is good, don’t be so fucking forward that it frightens away the ladies.


* * *

December 18th, 2004 | Age: 22 | Music: None

I got home frommthe bar abnd I was drunk
SOOOO i rode my bike (MANNY!) over the higway about 2 miles
and i was really drunk
and my purse got caught in yhe spokes aS I was going over the hoighwayt
and now my cell phone is shot!uipdijgndvn!!!

* * *

December 19th, 2005 | Age: 23 | Music: None

I am heading “home” tomorrow. I am at the library writing my will . . . for school. The semester is finally over. I broke glass all over myself last night. Lambic is good. Friday night? Made an ass of myself . . . really beginning to think I need to get my drinking in control. Don’t drink that often, but when I do, I fall down a lot and call people and say mean things and am “aggressive.” Not cool. I started the night off praising God and ended it acting slutty. Go figure.

I get to see Kristen! And Erin! And Dan and Kristynn! And whoever else!

I think I am quitting my waitressing job. I’ve never really quit a job before. I guess I quit Victoria’s Secret. Oh well.

I’ll spend New Years in Des Moines. I will go to Chicago before then. First week of January I am going to go to Colorado. I <3 the mountains. Spring Break? Seriously considering Boston. Quitting my job might hinder that plan though . . . oh well. We will see.

Call me if you want to see me.

* * *

December 15th, 2006 | Age: 24 | Music: None

Two finals down, two to go.

And one isn’t due until January 12th . . . BOO YAH.

The hardest one is done – Secured Transactions. The same professor teaches it that gave me my only non A last semester, so I worked my ass off for it and it goddamn better show.


i am at work today and am bored. This is about it.

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