Edible Houses.

Tonight was gingerbread house night at Jen’s. My fingers are still sticky with frosting and my sides still ache from laughing at the things kids say (e.g., “your face!” “That’s what your mom said.”)

We went pre-fab for this adventure, and before too long we erected our walls with only a few zoning violations.

As City Planner, I did make a few crucial mistakes in placement that were readily corrected after heated city council meetings.

At this point, it was time for the design team to step in and spruce the place up (including, of course, spruces on a roof.)

The crew made (and ate) a few final touches  before growing bored/content with the progress and called it done.

I’m placing bets on how long our little village (“The Bronx”) lasts. Any guesses?

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3 thoughts on “Edible Houses.

  1. mjray926 says:

    Nice pics! Love the steelers jersey :)

  2. Lovely! We went prefab this year after last year’s debacle …http://chimesdesign.com/blog/tag/gingerbread-house/

  3. adangross says:

    Didn’t look too bad, though!

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