Ten Years Ago: An Adventure in Harrison, OH

It just came to my attention that today’s date is November 29th, 2011, marking ten years since November 29th, 2001. A night that I will forever know exactly where I was. (Seriously? TEN YEARS?!)

You see, on November 29th, 2001, George Harrison died. I was also travelling with my friends Kristen and Dave to Cincinatti to see Saves the Day. I will always remember these two events happened on the same day because as Saves the Day took the stage Chris Conley yelled out something to the extent of “RIP George Harrison!” as the band broke into “As Your Ghost Takes Flight” for their opener. At the time, this was the best show I ever attended, probably most attributable to being within the timeframe of “Stay What You Are,” a quite excellent album. (It bleeds 2001.) I have since seen Saves the Day twice and neither show quite matched that one.


The real heart of this story concerns the drive back to Bloomington, you see. As we were leaving, Kristen’s car broke down . . . in none other than Harrison, OH. On the night of the day of the death of my favorite Beatle. George Harrison. We were broke down, essentially straddling the IN-OH state line, after leaving a Waffle House. We had to call a tow truck and get a ride to a hotel, where we were almost denied service because we were all under 21 and only one of us had a credit card. We had to stick around town waiting for a ride (and one who didn’t realize how many of us there were) until later the next day. In other words: adventures were had.

Luckily, I captured this all in writing shortly after the experience. That account can be found here: Harrison, OH.

I will always remember November 29th, the day George Harrison’s ghost took flight and I became grounded in Harrison, OH.

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