Roux’n it Up

I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Nothing too fancy, but much much more than I usually do. Tonight I decided I wanted to try something a bit more challenging. I decided to do something that incorporates a roux as homage to the wonderful cooking of my old roommate, Abbie.

I decided upon this recipe–Cream Cheese Potatoes–as it looked relatively simple and I liked the thought of cream cheese.

Simple, yes, but I didn’t have enough hands! This could be fixed by better timing, but it wasn’t a total mess. Three out of four burners were in use: 1) simmering potatoes (that I cut into tiny pieces); 2) making the roux/sauce; and 3) browning the bacon. As the roux/sauce required constant stirring, it made it difficult to tend to the other two burners. But I made do. Fact: I can stir two pots at once!

Due to the lack of hands, there are no pictures of the process.

I made a few small changes. First, I used a small onion and only 3/4 of it. Going forward, I would go with a medium to add more flavor. Second, I kept the bacon in instead of taking it out. However, I only had four slices instead of six to eight. DEFINITELY USE MORE! Lastly, I forgot to add salt & pepper to the roux. Woops. Ok because I don’t care for salt and the bacon/bacon fat adds some, but I LOVE PEPPER. Just needs a slight bit more kick.

After baking it for 30 minutes, it looked like this:

After cooling down, it was time to test my work. It was good. Not great or to die for, but definitely good and worth doing again with some tweaks. In addition to what I mentioned above, I would recommend layering the sauce more so that all the potatoes are touched. Possibly, only four large potatoes could be used. I really think the ones I grabbed were “extra large” instead of large. And, of course, MORE BACON.

Going forward, I’d like to test out some more recipes including roux, but this time ones that don’t involve actively preparing another piece of the equation as I am stirring the roux. I mean, I didn’t roux’n it (get it?!), but it would definitely make the whole experience a lot easier.

Overall: Will cook again.


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